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College Sex

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I attend a large college which holds many dance and acting classes. The girls in these classes are absolutely phenomenally beautiful and I often find myself wanking over the thought of them.

During a free period between classes I was walking down a corridor that was empty, there seemed to be very few classes on at the time.

As I walked past a room, I noticed the door was slightly ajar, and inside was an absolutely gorgeous girl getting changed, wearing only skimpy underwear. I recognised her from around campus, she was friends with an aquaintance of mine but I had never spoken to her before.

I stopped and stared at her for a few seconds, my cock began to rise but I had the fright of my life when she looked up and saw me. I was terrified that I was going to be labelled a pervert and was preparing to run when she beckoned me into the room. I tripped over my words as I tried to come up with an excuse for my voyerism, but she laughed and told me not to worry about it, and said she had just had a stressful audition for the next college production.

She was slightly tanned, with a fantastic toned body, curly brown hair and pert breasts held tight by black lingerie.

At this point my cock was making my trousers bulge outwards as it rose, I nervously tried to hide it and walk out but she stared at it with a cheeky smile. 'Show me it' she said. 'Show you what?' I responded. 'Your cock, show it to me' she shot back confidently. I was gobsmacked at her request but after a few seconds of thought of where this could be heading, I unzipped my jeans and reached into my boxers to whip out my six inch penis which was now throbbing furiously.

She sexily sauntered over to me and almost in a trance like state, stared at it as if she was transfixed by it, and then grabbed it without saying anything. It felt amazing as she started glided her hands up and down my meat.

Frustratingly she stopped after only about 30 seconds of this and walked over to a table at the front of the room and lay flat out. 'Finger me' she moaned as she removed her bra and let it drop to the floor revealing her cute nipples. I quickly locked the door and stripped fully nude. I leaned over her and gently flicked and kissed her breasts and nipples, I really couldn't believe what I was doing with a near stranger, it was only my second sexual experience of any kind.

She was getting quickly aroused and slowly moved her hand into her black panties. I removed the panties and saw her amazing bush, cut in a neat triangle over her pussy which was almost dripping wet. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought it was going to explode.

I felt around her cunt with my thumb and fingers, feeling the lips and wet clit. I guided two fingers into her incredibly tight vagina and placed my thumb on her clit and began moving them in a circular motion. She moaned softly at first but soon moved onto a passionate loud moan as I moved my fingers around her hole with quickening speed, vibrating and thrusting my hand. With my left hand I went back to stroking her body and caressing her nipples. After a few minutes she was moaning and writhing so much I thought someone was going to hear us on a floor above or below, but the possiblity of getting caught only added to the excitement.

She could barely talk as she blurted out 'I'm coming......I'm coming' and within seconds she suddenly jolted and started rocking her head back and forth. I also felt some contractions in her moist pussy but she pushed me away during her glimpse of heaven as the feeling must have been too intense for her to handle.

30 seconds later and she was finished, panting heavily, she sat up and kissed me and said 'It's only fair that I return the favour' With great anticipation and walked over and sat on a more comfortable green chair. In a way I was glad we never had full sex, she was so hot I would barely have lasted a minute and she would have been dissapointed and I, embarrassed.

I sat on the chair and sat back a little with my rock hard cock pointing towards my stomach. She knelt in front of me and started. She grabbed hold and started cannoning her hand up and down my shaft and over my red helmet at mind blowing pace. The feelings were incredible and only got better. My penis head was wet with pre cum that made a squishing noise as she pounded her tight cage of fingers around my bulging member with her other hand massaging my balls.

Barely a minute and a half after she had started and I was ready to shoot my load, I leaned back and groaned as I felt the juices build up inside me. My cock shot out several powerful bursts of juicy white cum. A couple of shots hit her neck and breasts, some hit the chair and the rest landed on my thighs and balls. It was easily my best orgasm, the feeling went on longer than usual and I produced an extraordinary volume of semen.

After I finished she started to clean herself up, she then cleaned my legs for me. It was a fantastic experience. We got dressed quickly and then had a brief hug. She then said 'That was great, my boyfriend has never satisfied me like that'. I was thrown by that and made a quick exit, thanking her for a wonderful time.

I was still so turned on that I had to come again, and went into the nearest toilet and beat myself off a few minutes later.

I still see her around campus and she always winks at me but we haven't talked about our sponteanous session of masturbation. I'll have to arrange another meeting sometime......



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