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College Roommate Walks In

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I was a virgin on my wedding night because God gave me the gift of jacking-off. I still enjoy it to this day [50 now].


The second Saturday we were at college Kyle my roommate had got up early to go play softball. Kyle was the team sport guy and I was the weight room and good tan guy. I did not normally get out of bed on Saturday until 11:00 or later. Kyle was up and out at 8:00. I woke up as he left the room. I remember well that I had not jacked-off on Thursday or Friday and by Saturday morning I was horny as hell and ready for some relief.

I shed the sheet, retrieved my bottle of lube which my father had slipped into my suitcase as I was leaving for college. I found the bottle with the words 'enjoy, Love Dad' on the side when I began to unpack. I had put the bottle in my pillow case for just such occasions. I had read my daily devotion, slipped my CD player headphones on, covered my dick with lube and I was enjoying myself very much. I looked up a few minutes later and Kyle was back in the room, his back was to me. I had no idea that he was back and I did not know what to do. I had been listening to music with my eyes shut and having a wonderful time jacking-off. I simply shut my eyes and went right on jacking-off.

I figured if I was bothering him he could leave, anyway I had been 'caught' red handed. At this point Kyle and I had not discussed jacking-off. After I finished I opened my eyes and Kyle was on his bed. After he had returned to the room he had shed his softball uniform and he was lying there in his underwear. I reached down to the floor and retrieved my underwear and wiped myself clean.

Kyle's and my conservation that day and after about jacking-off, sex and other guy issues helped me to be better prepared in my life to be able to talk with guys and dads about these issues. I thank God for what came out of this awkward situation. I looked up at Kyle and said 'you got finished early.' He said, 'the game got cancelled because the other team did not have enough guys show up to play'.

At that point there was a long pause. Now remember I am butt naked on my bed. Kyle has just walked in on me jacking-off. Kyle has removed his softball uniform and he is lying on his bed in his underwear. There is no hiding the fact that Kyle has a hardon, he is sticking straight up, but still covered. We are both uncomfortable by the situation.

I knew at this point that a little humor was not going to hurt anything so I told Kyle the following joke:

Q. What is the most sensitive part of the body during jacking-off?

A. Your ears-to listen for footsteps.

Kyle laughed and some of the tension was dispelled. Kyle then looking up at the ceiling told me that he always felt guilty after he jacked-off. He asked me how I felt after I jacked-off. I told him that I did not feel any guilt at all, 'all I feel is wonderful.'

For the next couple of hours we talked. We talked about how we learned to jack-off, our fathers, our brothers and other various things. Kyle shared that he always felt great guilt after jacking-off.

After I had been 'caught' doing what I felt very comfortable doing, and we had talked about jacking-off, I simply went to bed naked and jacked-off if Kyle was in the room or not. I stopped jacking-off in hiding and Kyle continued to struggle with jacking-off being a sin or a gift from God. Interestingly, a couple of weeks passed and one night after we had both got into bed Kyle asked me to toss him my bottle of lube. Of course I was wondering why Kyle had made this request.

I tossed it to him. Kyle looked at what my dad had written on the bottle and laughed and said 'your dad must be pretty cool.' I had never thought of my dad being cool, just loving, fair, and strong. I asked Kyle 'what is going on?' He told me that he had been reading everything he could get his hands on about jacking-off and that he had decided that jacking-off was not a sin, but rather it was a gift from God. He explained that his conclusion was based mostly on what a Doctor had to say on the subject.

At that point Kyle went on and told me that he did not plan to try to stop doing something that evidently would help him to be a virgin on his wedding night. Kyle then took a squirt from my bottle and he then hurled the bottle back to my side of the room. The bottle hit me in the nuts, which by the way was where he was aiming. I called him a jackass, turned on the TV, turned off the light and he began to openly jack-off. I took a squirt of the lube, greased my dick and began to jack-off. We jacked-off together for the next two years, but not once did we jack each other off. Remembering that the only person in this world that has permission to touch your dick is your wife and she is not your wife until after you are married.

Later in the year we discussed jacking-off after an evangelist turned our college campus on its ear by openly talking about jacking-off in an evening meeting. This preacher said that jacking-off was a gift from God and that he was going to his hotel room and jack-off that evening. This guy was brave by saying these things out loud at a conservative Baptist university. He was married with two children, and he told the world that he jacked-off.



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