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College Roommate

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Fun College Wacking


When I was in college one day I was surfing porn on my computer while my roommate Tim was doing homework. I hadn't squeezed one off in a couple days and was REALLY horny and hard. Tim and I saw each other naked all the time, and we saw each others tents in our boxers, but we never saw each other hard and naked.

I needed relief and asked Tim if he wanted to go get a soda or something for a few minutes. He saw what I was looking at and said 'why, do you need to j/o?'. I said 'yea, really bad'. He said 'go ahead'. I looked at him funny and he said, 'hey, we see each other naked and I hear you j/o at night and I'm sure you hear me too. The only thing we haven't done is j/o in front of each other. Tell you what, I'll do it too.' He looked serious so I said 'okay'. I could see he now had a tent too and he said on the count of three, we drop trou. He counted and we dropped our boxers and we were both naked with our dicks pointing straight up.

He said let's go and we sat down and I started surfing through some porn. We both started stroking our cocks and we were both checking out the other's dick. As horny as I was plus now seeing him stroke away next to me it didn't take long before I was ready. My ass started thrusting off the chair and I was groaning. Unlike at night when I tried to be quiet, I was just too excited and moaned out load. Then I squeezed my balls and let out a last grunt and shot all over my chest. It was the best, biggest load I had ever shot.

Tim took a while longer but I just sat there full of cum and watched. It was hot watching him stroke away. He trims his dick and balls and it looks cool. I was embarrassed but I got hard again watching him. He said 'looks like you're ready again' and so I started again. Then he was ready and was really stroking his 6-inches fast. He was moaning too and finally let his loose and shot a good load himself. Then I shot my second load, much smaller of course, but not bad for only a five-minute break.

After that we were totally cool with it and pulled them out whenever we wanted, many times together. He taught me how to trim down there and I do it now too. We were so open though that once I was doing it during the day and he walked in just as I was about to shoot. No problem right? Wrong, he had another friend with that I had never even met before. I was really seconds away from shooting when they busted in and I just could not stop and they could not help but just watch me blow my wad. I was totally embarrassed and grabbed my boxers and pulled them on babbling something I don't even remember as I used a sock to wipe the cum off my chest. Tim tried to brush it off and just introduced us laughing. His friend Tom was really cool and said 'Dude, don't worry about it, we all do it sometime, but I'll shake your hand later'.

We became friends too but he still would tease me when we'd meet and would say 'did you wash that hand' before he'd shake my hand. People around would look at him funny and although he never told the story, I sometimes did. It was good for a laugh.



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