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College Library

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I suppose this should really be FMF, because that is how it ended. At Uni, I was like a kid with a new toy-and that new toy was definitely SEX! I was kept on a very tight leash at home and when I went to Uni, all that changed.


I hooked up with what they call a 'mature' student. GOD but he was sexy! He taught me things that I would never have dreamed of in a million years.

One hot afternoon, he suggested that we went to the college library. Once there, he leaned in close and whispered, 'Let's have some fun' and pulled me onto his knee. For a while, we sat there just looking at a video. Across the aisle from us was another student. She was studying and just glancing across at us now and then. Chris had his hand on my knee and she was checking it out. Then, I felt a distinct pressure between my knees, and I let my legs part.

Chris slipped his hand up my legs and spread his fingers so I had to open my legs really wide. He flicked my skirt up high and I sat there, with my panties plainly on show. Chris started to stroke my pussy through my panties, while never once taking his eyes off the video. The girl saw what was happening, and her eyes widened. I thought she would leave, and perhaps tell the vicious cow of a librarian, but instead, she crossed her legs, and kept on looking.

Chris, meanwhile had fingers that could make a stone statue come and I was really getting into it. He stroked me, making me keep my legs wide apart. Then I felt his hand slip into the waistband. For a few moments, he rubbed my pussy then he eased my panties down to mid thigh. I must have looked like a total slut with my panties half off, and my boyfriend fingering me while a total stranger looked on.

The girl was plainly interested, breathing hard. Chris broke his attention from his video to say 'Just keep an eye on the aisle for us.' And he smiled that smile that I know from personal experience can necessitate a change of underwear!

His finger entered me.

The girl opposite was breathing really hard and could not take her eyes off his finger as he gave me the most delicious finger fucking.

I felt my orgasm build and so did he. 'Tell her' he whispered. I looked across at her and said 'I'm going to cum on his finger-watch' and I let a lovely orgasm wash over me like a warm wave.

Then, he stood up, placing me on the chair while he eased my panties off. Without another word he walked away from me taking my panties with him, and just causally dropping them in her lap. He motioned to me to follow and she tagged along behind.

Back in my room, Chris stripped me and kissed over every inch while she sat in a chair and watched. Then he said 'You know, it looks like we are being inspected. Would you like to watch us in just your bra and panties?' obligingly, she stripped. She had a lovely body, perfectly shaped, and sexy. Then Chris said 'Group hug' We embraced, and he kissed me. Then he kissed her, long and full. I felt him moving slightly as he stroked her back, but when she gasped, I realised he was doing more than that. He had slipped his hand down the back of her panties and had a finger deep in her.

Well, I can't tell you about what followed, but it started with me sucking that finger and watching while he brought her off by spreading her legs and masturbating her.

It was one of many 'firsts' for me. I have never done anything in public before, I had never been part of a threesome, and I had never known what another girl tastes like.

The three years I was there were full of such erotic experiences with him.



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