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College Girls Got Hotter

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I went back to law school this fall at a large university in the South. It has been more than 10 years since I last set foot on a college campus and I am amazed by the changes in women's bodies. Girls work out more, wear tighter clothing and go running in these breathtakingly short, high-cut shorts with the waistbands rolled down to raise them even higher. I've had my head in the books, but my cock has been pointing skyward ever since August.

I'm an average-looking guy-170 pounds, six feet tall, reasonably in-shape-and I've got an average length cock (around six inches, thick, nice flared head) but what's not average about me is how badly I need to masturbate each day. Even under ordinary circumstances, if I miss a morning session, precum is leaking out of my slit and my balls ache by mid-afternoon. If I miss a full day, I am unable to concentrate and half-hard and barely able to keep my hands off myself. I'm not sure why I need to cum so much-partly I guess it's physical, but I think it's a bit of a psychological addiction to the stress-reduction, too-but if I don't do it, I just start to lose all sense of control.

Liz is a tall brunette first-year in my torts class who lives down the hall from me in my apartment building. She's straight out of undergrad (I took seven years off) and she has the same willowy, curvy, bewitchingly soft features that I see in all the undergrad girls jogging around the quad. We have been polite to one another, but she's sort of shy and I had been feeling like I was a little too old to just approach her outright to ask her over for a drink, so I've kept my distance. I hadn't seen any guys coming or going from her place, so I figured she might be single.

Last week, Liz asked me if I wanted any company studying for finals. I invited her by 'whenever she wanted' and we left it at that. Two nights ago, I was asleep on the couch when she knocked on the door around 7:30 p.m. I hadn't stroked that morning (big mistake) and I was hard and pulsing wetly inside my jeans when I awoke. I tucked my boner into my pocket and answered the door.

Liz was there wearing a pair of VERY snug jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt that showed her nipples (hard from the chilly night air) perfectly. Not good. This was not helping my erection and I started to wet myself a little with precum.

I invited her in and we set up on the couch-I managed to conceal my situation to get her situated but I wasn't even close to being able to concentrate. I looked over from time to time for a sign-she was sucking on the eraser of her pencil as she read, smoothing her hair back-was she interested? I couldn't tell.

My poor dick was trapped inside my jeans but outside the seam of my boxer shorts, pumping away a slow dribble of sticky juice. I had my knees up to hide the sight of myself and I was debating excusing myself to go to the bathroom when she turned to me and asked if I had a beer.

What to do? I stood up, no longer caring that I would show her the bulge and the wet spot-I was now too horny to think straight, and I walked over to the fridge to get two beers with my cock poking straight out of my jeans.

She thanked me for the beer and then she paused. 'That's got to be a bit distracting for you,' she said, looking straight at my crotch. 'I know it's distracting me.'

My heartbeat throbbed in my ears. I was embarassed but I needed to cum so badly, too. I was amazed to hear myself say, 'I was just about to ask if you'd mind if I took care of it.'

Liz giggled and snorted her beer a little. 'Oh my god!' she exclaimed. 'That's a bit more than I expected!'

I was on autopilot. 'Well, stop me when you want me to stop,' I said, and I unbuckled my jeans and pulled my boxers off, sitting back on the couch with my red and glistening cock pointing straight out at her.

She bit her lip and looked nervously at my cock and then back at my eyes. She didn't move to touch me, but she didn't try to stop me, or show any sign that she was going to leave, so I reached down and cupped my balls with my left and and started slowly stroking my shaft with my thumb and forefinger of my right hand. Beads of precum slid out when I made the first stroke, rolling wetly over my fingers and thumb.

'I just need to cum, and you look so good,' I said.

'Thank you,' she said, barely above a whisper. 'I want to see you do it.'

I wouldn't have been able to stop at that point even if she had protested. I leaned into the armrest of the couch and spread my knees apart, stroking faster up and down my shaft, showing her the length of my sticky meat and the fullness of my balls. I had masturbated in front of a few girlfriends before (I had to, basically, because they couldn't keep up with my needs) but I had never emptied myself in front of a near-stranger before.

Liz smiled as I started to speed up-I kept looking at her face as she stared at my cock-and after a few strokes, I could feel the tightening in my abdomen and the lifting of my balls.

'Oh, fuck,' I breathed. 'I'm going to cum and I think this is a big one,' I warned her.

Liz moved her books and papers off the couch and reached for a napkin. 'You look pretty ready,' she said. I noticed her cheeks were flushed and I started wishing I had asked her to join me.

Too late. That thought sent me over the edge and I just started spewing strings of cum up into the air and onto my thighs and stomach (and some of the couch). I closed my eyes and just released...

Almost as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt a chill of panic overtake me. What had I just done?

Liz leaned forward with the napkin and started cleaning up my mess, though, and said, 'That was beautiful.'

It wasn't the end of the story, but I have to pause in retelling to take care of business. This site gets me so hot. I hope I can repay the favor. Oh, god....



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