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College Gal and Two Boys

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At the time I was a freshman in college, 18 years old. I had a job as a clerk in a small store, that had a magazine rack in front. It had the usual mags, including Penthouse and Hustler (this was back in the 80's). Regularly, two boys came into the store and would linger around the magazine rack. As I was naive, I paid no attention.

One day, the taller of the two boys screwed up enough courage to grab one of the men's magazines, and put it on the counter. Smiling, as I knew they were underage, I asked if they were 18. 'Oh, yeah, sure', said the tall one. Since I figured they had been working up the courage for weeks, I decided 'what the hell', and sold it to them. As the days went on, I imagined what they did as they looked at the pictures (masturbated, masturbated each other)- it got me hot and I masturbated to my fantasy.

A week later, they came back. The taller, thinner boy did all the talking as he lay the other porno magazine on the counter. 'That's a nice bracelet', he said. Smiling, and thinking to myself what these two boys are doing looking at naked pictures of women, I decided to go for it. 'Thank you. You really like it?' 'Yeah', he said. I took a deep breath. 'Look, I know you're not 18. Hell, I'M 17 and going to college. I don't care. You want to buy this, it's OK with me' I smiled. (See, at the time I was 17, only had sex once and it wasn't good, but had heard of these erotic encounters. For some reason, these two boys got me excited). They both relaxed, and I sold the magazine.

I couldn't forget the tall boy. When they didn't come in the store, I would end up looking at Hustler or Penthouse. It got me aroused. Until I decided to take the plunge. If they entered the store again, I would DO IT.

A few weeks later, they entered the store. Seeing that it was me behind the counter and that no one else was around, they were more open. The tall boy grabbed one of the nudie mags, and put it on the counter. 'Hi', I said, and he replied. I decided, what the hell, and went for it. 'Say, I'm off in 15 minutes, how'd you boy's like to walk me home?' (I only lived half a block away) 'OK', said the tall one. So, my pussy throbbing, knowing nothing as to what I was going to do), I waited. I was relieved by the night clerk, and the two boys were outside the store, waiting. I introduced myself as Tami, and the tall boy as Gregg, and the short, stocky boy as Chuck. We walked the half block to my house (that I shared with my college gals). I opened the door and had them come into the living room. There was a Playboy magazine on the coffee table earlier (my roomates didn't care; they actually had read the articles!- I put it there to look at the naked women!). I went into the kitchen to grab some beers (I, for one, was extremely nervous!). Chris, one of my roomates, was there. She asked why there were two kids in the living room. I told her that they were boys buying the magazines. 'But they are just boys!' she said. I agreed, but told her that maybe I could make them men. I asked her if she wanted to help. She told me I was sick, and went out the back door.

Since my first sexual experince was bad, I thought I'd make their first sexual experience good. I grabbed two cans of beer, and went into the living room. I saw them rapidly put down the Playboy magazine. 'Here', I said, as I gave them the beer. They took the beer. 'I saw you looking at the pictures, would you like to look at the real thing?' I asked, looking directly into Gregg's eyes. He looked into Chuck's eye's, then at me, and nodded. I put down my beer, and screwed up my courage. 'OK, I told you I'm 17, how old are you really?' I asked. They said that they were 13, and in eighth grade in Grade School!

For whatever reason, that got me even more aroused. I had them come into my bedroom, and I closed the door behind them. 'Have you ever seen a naked woman before?' I asked. They replied 'No'. I had the two 13 year old boys sit on my bed, and I did a slow striptease. I pulled off my sweater, then undid my blouse buttons, one by one. Gregg and Chuck were totally in my grasp.

I stood in front of them in my bra and pants. I told them they had to take off their shirts. They did.

I undid my pants, and slid them down, so now I was in front of these two 13 year old boys, clad only in my panties and bra! My panties were getting moist, as I saw their little hardons pushing their jeans.

For some reason, I was totally hot. My pussy was totally leaking now. I asked Gregg if he wanted to see my tits, and he said yes (of course!) I told them that I wanted to see their tits first, and to take off their shirts first. They did. So, of course, I had to take off my bra. Licking my lips, I unfasted my bra and tossed it to Gregg. He caught it, and put it to his face and sniffed it. Here I was, clad only in my moist panties, and these two 13 year old boys only in their pants! I was so turned on! I cupped my tits, and asked Gregg if he liked what he saw. He did. Getting even more aroused, I asked the boys if they wanted to see my pussy. 'Yes!' they said! By now I was SO TURNED ON, I said 'Gregg, take off Chuck's pants, and Cuhck, take off Gregg's pants.' Why, I don't know. I was massaging my pussy as Gregg unsnapped, unzipped, and pulled down Chuck's pants, and Chuck did the same. We were all in our underwear now, and the top of Gregg's penis was poking out of the top of his underwear. I pulled off my panties to show my hot, moist pussy. My left hand on my left nipple, my right hand on my pussy. 'Gregg, take off Chuck's underwear', I breathed. For some reason, I wanted to see a boys hands on another boys crotch. Gregg put his hands under the waistband of Chuck's underwear, and slid them off. 'Chuck, take off Gregg's underwear'. I breathed, as I was close to orgasm. He did.

So here we were, a 17 year old woman, and two 13 year old boys, all naked.

We were all playing with ourselves, I was very horny! I grabbed Gregg's head, and pushed it down onto my right tit. He started sucking it. I grabbed Chuck's little prick, pushing aside his own hand. He came all over my hand. Feeling his cum on my hand, I shuddered and came. There is more to the story, but I'm kinda embarrassed now (but still turned on, I'm playing with my pussy as I'm remembering it). Bye!



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