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College Friends With Benefits

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Sorry this is so long, but it all relates to parts of the story.

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This is just after I have gotten from, and given a handjob to my best friend. I am 23 now, he is 24. He has just visited and stayed over with me.

First, background and the initial encounter:

Four years ago, I roomed with Paul in college. He turned out to be, and still is my best friend, and we bonded almost instantly when we shared a dorm room. He is the only male partner I have ever had. He was so in shape and so hot he could have any girl he really wanted. We had been out one night, and when we got back, we both commented on how hot a particular girl was at the club we went to. We had always been very open around each other, talking about sex, our girlfriends, etc.

We had gotten into our beds, and the lights were out, and I said to Paul that I so needed to get off. We slept in bunk beds, me on the top one, and he simply said 'don't shake the bed too much.' We had always talked before, but never like this, nor had I openly masturbated while he was in the room.

I started to jack off, and I could hear start him start to scratch his pubes, like he had done lots of times before. When he did scratch, like in the early evenings, I had seen him get wood (through his boxers or briefs) in the past, although he never seemed to do anything with it. He always said that he never jacked off, which I never believed. He had seen me with erections in the mornings, like through a towel, my briefs, joking around and the like. We both had girlfriends, which were both pretty hot and with whom we were having sex.

I asked him if he was hard, and if he was 'going to shake the bed' with me for a change. He said that if I had any guts, I should come down, feel around, and see for myself. This was the first time anything like this ever happened between us. Initially, I turned down his offer. I continued to jerk off for another minute or so, and then said: Truth: Paul, do you have a hardon or not?

Paul countered with: Dare: Come down and see. Somehow in the context of 'Truth or Dare' it seemed OK to take him up on his dare.

I got off my bunk and sat on his, and started to feel for his groin, but on top of the covers. I could tell that he was hard under the sheets. The only light was from a streetlight outside our window. Paul took my hand and said 'dude.....if you're gonna do it, do it right,' and then grabbed my hand, brought it under the sheets, and put it into his briefs, directly on his hardon. God, that felt sooooo hot, the feeling of another guy's cock in my hand. (I believe that if they haven't done it, every guy has wondered what that would feel and be like to jack another guy off.) He was smooth, hard, ready, and it was just the moment, but jacking him off just seemed like the so right thing to do. He was about the same size as me. He immediately said he would reciprocate if I 'took care of' him and he reached over and grabbed my cock through my boxer briefs. We got into a kind of '69' hands to cocks position on his bed. He slowly jacked my dick as I started doing him. I was almost at my nut, and had to take his hand off and ask him to wait, because I was gonna cum right then and there. I did want it to last a little longer than four strokes. I asked him if he was OK while slowly jacking his dick, and I asked him if he wanted me to go faster or slower. He said 'dude........just jack me like you were jacking yourself.......'

I did, jacking him, and feeling his balls get close to his ass, and his cock swell to the moment just before cumming. He started to buck a little, and said 'dude........I'm .......gonna....... cum.......' He tried to take my hand off to finish himself off, but I told him 'man.....just relax and enjoy.......pretend it's Judy...(his girlfriend) .....your cock doesn't know the difference........' He did, and just like relaxed as I stroked him off to a total climax.

About 30 seconds later, his cock pulsated, his abs spasmed and I felt this wonderful, warm slippery sensation let go in my hand. He moaned, and after shooting three or four ropes of cum he just lied back and relaxed. Paul had cum in my hand. I never felt or knew another guys load other than my own, and it was totally awesome. I massaged his load into his dick and balls, until he started to go soft in my hand.

Paul then said that 'turnabout is fair-play....I told you I'd reciprocate' and told me to just lie on my back. He stripped off my briefs, I was totally naked on his bed, and he began to massage my inner thighs and nuts. I had been hard for so long it almost hurt, and I just wanted to get off now. I think I could have shot without him even touching my dick. I begged Paul to jack me, which he started to do. I asked him to go a little faster than he was going, and he said 'is this OK.' I told him that it was, and he continued for about another minute, maybe less. I asked Paul if it was OK for me to cum into his hand, and he said 'dude..........like you said, that's the whole point.......right? Think of it as Jesse's (my girlfriends) hand.' I then had the best, most forceful orgasm of my entire life. Paul gave me a better handjob than any chick I had ever been with. I told Paul just before I shot, and he seemed to appreciate that. He continued to jack me with my load as lube, until I too started to go soft in his hand. We both cleaned up with a shower towel, and went peacefully to sleep. Him in the bottom bunk, me in the top.

Paul and I satisfied each other several more times before we graduated.


I had not seen Paul in over a year. He called me about two weeks ago, and said that he was going to be in town, and would I be interested in getting together. I told him that I would, and that he could stay at my apartment, rather than a hotel, to save some cash. Paul said yea, and that he would pick up dinner.

He arrived on Friday night, and brought in his suitcase. I only have a one bedroom flat with a queen sized bed, and a couch in the living room. The air was totally sexually charged, (maybe my imagination, maybe not) .......as I asked Paul if he wanted me to make up the couch, or if he would just sleep in the bedroom. I know what answer I was hoping for. Paul said he would rather just stay in the bed, since there seemed to be enough room for both of us. That was the right answer!

We went out for take out, ate dinner, and after we had both showered and were in our underwear, and t-shirts and watched some TV till about 10:00 pm. Paul then said he had an early appointment, and was it ok if he sacked out. I was a little surprised when he stripped naked and got into bed. Not a big deal really, cause we had been roommates and seem each other naked almost every day for four years. Paul said that he had gotten very used to sleeping nude since he started dating his new girlfriend. That she liked the 'freedom' of access, and that he had gotten a lot more sex since. He said he hoped I did not mind, but he would wear pajamas if I was uncomfortable. I told him I did not mind, and followed Paul's lead, and said that I too had felt better sleeping naked, and took off my t-shirt and briefs. At this point, it was evident that we both had semi's, when we crawled into bed.

Lights out, hot body and buddy next to me, naked. I then heard him scratch his pubes. I thought, NO, this CAN'T be happening. But it was!!!! I was quiet. Paul then asked me if I was getting any lately, and if I still 'shook the bed.' I told him that it had been somewhat of a dry spell and to quit scratching and talking like that or I would have to 'shake the bed tonight.' Paul said 'dude......it's been a while for me too, how about we shake the bed for each other one more time, like we used to....I mean it's not like we haven't done this before.........' I could not believe what I was hearing! Paul was as horny as I was!

Both of us reached over and touched each other at the same time. His cock was harder, hotter, and bigger than I remembered it. This time though, his balls were shaved. He said that his current girlfriend dared him to shave each other, and he had kept himself 'male model clean' ever since. I had also started shaving and trimming, since most of my girlfriends seemed to like that as most shaved too. (I had thought about him many times since college when I jacked off alone.) We again got into a '69' so we could use our right hands to jack each other.

Paul asked who wanted to get off first. I told him to let's just wait and see how it goes.

We did not plan on it, but he and I 'edged' each other for about 30 minutes, both just backing off at almost the moment of no return. Playing with our cocks, inner thighs, balls, etc. Oh, this was SO hot I cannot even begin to describe it. Finally I said that I was cumming. Split second, no warning, no turning back, no backing up. I shot into Paul's hand.

With that, Paul moaned, and said 'dude........that did it for me......I'm over the edge.' I stroked his dick like three more strokes, Paul shot a huge load all over both of us. After he caught his breath, he just simply relaxed and said...........'Man......that was sooooo awesome.' We may have to 'shake the bed' again sometime if you're game on. I responded: Oh yea, Paul..Game ON!

I asked him if he really had to get to his appointment in the morning so early, and he simply replied..............'I think I forgot my appointment book......'



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