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College Friend

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Late weekend nights lead to an unexpected friend with a helping hand. I often think of the fun we had while I masturbate!


When I was twenty years old, I was in my third year of college and transferred to a new school that a good friend of mine was attending. I didn't know many people at this school, and my girlfriend of two years was back home about four hours away, so I didn't see much of her. Because of this, I spent many nights after class at my friend Jean's dormroom suite, where I became friends with the other five girls who lived in the suite with her.

As the semester went on and winter came, I began spending more and more time with one of the girls, Callie, having dinner together, watching movies, partying, and just hanging out. Being young and horny college kids, our conversations often turned to sex and whom we found attractive. It was always very interesting, and neither of us ever felt threatened by the other, as I had a girlfriend back home, and Callie was dating a few guys on occasion.

One Friday night, we were up really late watching a movie with Jean and a few of the other girls. The movie ended, and Callie and I went into her room so we could talk and not bother the other girls who were headed to sleep. I had found out that the other girls had taken to calling Callie 'Captain Condom', as she always had condoms in her room, and often gave them to the other girls when they went out on dates. I sat on her bed and noticed a large box of condoms sitting on her nightstand. Jokingly, I picked one up and said 'I wish I got to use these more often here at school.' She looked at the box, laughed, and said 'I'd be happy to get to use them at all!' This surprised me, as I assumed that like most college kids, she occasionally slept with the guys that she dated. In all our discussions, I realised that she had never actually mentioned having sex, but had often talked of jerking guys off.

I looked at her, and asked her 'Don't you sleep with any of the guys?' Her reply was surprising. 'No, I'm still a virgin. But I give a killer hand job!' she said with a grin on her face.

We kept on talking, and I looked at her while thoughts of what it would be like to fool around with her went through my head. I tried to push them out, reminding myself that we were friends and I had a girlfriend. At some point, Callie had moved from the floor where she had been sitting to the bed, and she lay back and looked at me. She took a deep breath and very quietly said 'All this talking has me really horny, and from the looks of your pants, you're going to be jerking off when you get back to your room. Do you want me to help you out?'

I stopped talking, looked at her, and said 'Sure.' She rolled over, quickly undid my pants, and had my cock pointing straight at the ceiling with her hand holding the shaft just the head. With a mischievous look in her eyes, she said 'Just lie back and let me take care of you.' She began slowly stroking me while quietly telling me how hard I was and how smooth the skin of my cock was. I was quickly at my full six and a half inches, and as hard as I had ever been. The thrill of getting an illicit handjob while one of my best friends slept not ten feet away in the room next door was almost too much to stand. Callie was right when she had said she gave a great hand job! She alternated between slow and fast strokes, sometimes using one hand on my shaft while the other rubbed lightly on my head or balls.

After about five minutes of this, I began to thrust my hips up to meet her downward strokes, and was quickly approaching the point of cumming. She told me to tell her when I was going to cum, and began to jerk me faster, never breaking her rhythm. As I was about to cum I moaned and said 'NOW!' as she pointed me at her tits and I shot my load hitting her on the chin and neck. She giggled and licked her chin, saying 'That was fun!' She continued to milk all the come out of my cock, letting it run over her hand until I was soft again.

As I lay back on the bed and caught my breath, I marvelled at just how great a hand job I had just received. Definately the best I had ever received (and still one of the best of my life up to now). When I opened my eyes, she was lying on the other end of the bed with her hand lazily rubbing at the crotch of her sweatpants, which had a noticeable wet spot on them. I asked her if I could return the favor, and she just nodded, lifted her hips off the bed, and pulled her pants off with one smooth motion. Her top followed right after, and she lay back for me to look at her.

Callie was probably about 5'4', with curly blonde hair, blue eyes, small pert A-cup breasts, and wide, curvy hips. Under her sweats she had been wearing a white bra and panties, which were now soaked with her pussy juices.

I took her panties off and she spread her legs, giving me a wonderful view of her thin blonde bush and bright pink lips, with a long clit that was poking out between them. I lay next to her and began rubbing her slowly, tugging at her lips and gently rolling her clit between my fingers every few strokes. Her eyes were closed, and she was softly moaning, and the wetness was soon covering my fingers and palm. I sat up and slowly inserted one, then two fingers of my other hand into her pussy while I concentrated my rubbing on her clit which by now had swollen up and was deep red. I could feel her pussy start to contract on the fingers in her, and I kept on rubbing and stroking, listening as her moans got louder. After about ten minutes of this, she haltingly said 'Keep... Doing.. That... Ahhhhh...' which I did, and a minute or two later she arched her back, began to shudder, and she clamped her thighs together around my hands as she came, her whole body shaking.

She pulled me down next to her and said 'Thank you, thank you' and gave me a small kiss on the forehead and curled up around me. I put my arms around her, and we both fell asleep, and stayed there until about noon the next day. What happened the next day is a story for another time.



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