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College Faternity Fun

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In college I had an opportunity to see how free guys are with their bodies. I enjoyed it!


As a college sophomore and chemistry major, I had a pretty regular boyfriend for a couple years named 'Joshua.' Josh and I were monogomous and enjoyed what I would call a healthy and normal sex life for a typical college student. I had only been with a couple of other guys and Josh was gentle and loving. He lived in a frat house that included some pretty buff jocks. I often joked with Josh on how he managed (as a business/education double major) to end up with such cool fraternity brothers. Anyway, Josh was good looking, but kind of on the nerdy side, I'd say, but a great guy.

I would spend all my free time (I didn't have much) with Josh over at the frat house. The other guys would come and go and were friendly. Some would flirt with me, but it was pretty innocent.

I was always amazed at how free the guys were with nudity. Josh had seven other guys in the house. They would frequently walk around the house in their underwear or towels. Josh said if girls weren't around, they would walk around naked. I often fantasized about that. Most of the frat house had open curtains and the guys seemed so open about their bodies. I imagined them naked on the porch and in the kitchen, etc. I would get wet and sometimes masturbate thinking about them. The guys left little to the imagination. Most, when they walked around the house, had on boxers, or the boxer briefs, which I really liked. They were form fitting and showed their packages off pretty well.

One of my most exciting, but embarrassing moments was one night when Josh was out at the campus library. I was at the frat house, really planning to stay only to get some books out of Josh's room, and I ended up visiting with a couple of the guys, Tommy and Greg. Greg was a tall, pale blonde, who was a football player, well built with strong arms and a tapered chest. I could salivate about him often. He was always in underwear and usually no shirt. He had a great body and talked pretty openly about his sexual prowess. This night, he must have just gotten out of the shower, because he had a wet head and only a towel around his hot body. I tried not to stare.

Tommy on the other hand, was from out west. His mother was black and father white, he had recently moved into the house and was very good looking. I had never seen him unclothed. Tonight he was in jeans and tee shirt. About 30 minutes into our conversation, mostly about their football team and mutual friends, Tommy went to take a shower. He came back wearing only his boxer briefs and a muscle tee-shirt, well, I could definitely notice the outline of his dick in the underwear, again, I tried not to stare, but his package looked huge. Both the guys noticed and Greg laughed and said, 'Yes, he's got a huge dick, puts us all to shame.' I got red faced and tried to change the subject. Greg continued making some off-handed sexual references, I can't remember, but they centered on his need for sex and how much he enjoyed sex. Tommy was so good looking. He had a sculptured body with a smooth chest and a beautiful complexion. He had only a little hair brushing his legs and he had a six pack ab for sure. I couldn't help but keep staring over at him on the nearby sofa.

Another roomate, C.J., then came into the room. He also had only his boxers on. I'll never forget those boxers, they were white with pink hearts, a gift from an old girlfriend. I kidded him about them, and then turned to leave. The guys could tell I was flustered. Here I was near three almost naked guys, who were good looking and had hot bodies, especially Tommy.

I had only seen a few dicks and even fewer hard. My boyfriend, Josh, had an average penis, probably five inches or so hard. I was just in awe of Tommy's huge bulge in his boxers, and he was flaccid, I was sure. I was getting hot and my face must have been flushed. Greg made a joke about me going home to masturbate. He then asked if girls ever 'got off?' I replied, 'Looking at guys like you would certainly make a girl think about it.'

Well, what happened next is a blur and an embarrassment. It just happened. I'm not sure who said what, but the guys decided to have a jack off contest and wanted me to be the judge. I didn't even think about what Josh might say. Somehow I agreed to be the judge. The rules were the guy who came last was the overall winner. The longest squirt was also a winner. Both would receive a prize. The one who came the first had to buy the prize, unless he was the longest shoot. The one with the most cum would get to give me a kiss. Well, I agreed.

The guys had two minutes to 'get ready.' I wans't sure what 'getting ready' meant, until they started playing with themselves. They must have done this before. Greg's towel came off and he was already hard. He had a large dick, hairy and it pointed straight up. It was weird looking at it in person, after seeing him in underwear or a towel for several months. C.J. and Tommy both were massaging themselves through their boxers. I was staring at Tommy, mostly, watching that dick grow and waiting for the unveiling.

After two minutes, I was to say 'go.' I positioned myself on one side of the room. The guys stood over the kitchen table standing over the table. (I had eaten on that table many times, I would never do it again!)

I then said 'strip.' CJ flew out of his Valentine boxers. He was pretty average size and about as hairy as Greg. He had a decent body and was tanned, even on his privates. I later found out he tanned in a booth and hated to have a white ass. Anyway, my attention turned to Tommmy, who seemed to hesitate to take off his boxers, but when he did, his cock plopped out and hit him on his stomach. He was huge. The guys noticed my mouth open. Tommy then said he was ten and three quarter inches long. He was huge and had large balls too. His erection fell down in front of him when he let go of his dick. I could only imagine sex with a weapon like that.

All three guys were there standing over the table ready to jack off. There they were, a little sweaty, hairy crotches, tanned bodies (except for Greg, who was pale in comparison to CJ and especially Tommy.)

I then said, 'Go.' They all immediately looked down and started pumping their already hardened dicks. I kept staring at Tommy, who was using two hands on his dick. Greg was pumping slowly and methodically. I wondered if Josh did that when he jerked off? CJ was pumping faster and staring at me. Tommy was jerking pretty quickly, also. They kept going for 30-40 seconds, I guess. CJ came first. He made a loud barking noise and spurted only a few dribbles. The cum stuck to his dick, only a drop or two landed on the table in front of him. He said a couple of curse words, then stood and watched the others. CJ commented he had jacked off that morning, and hadn't built himself up yet.

Tommy came next. I was watching him. He jerked almost methodically and his eyes went up into his head and he leaned forward, so the cum would go further, I guess. He had a nice stream that landed a few inches from his penis. Even after he came, his penis hung large and fell downward. Tommy's dick was so large and heavy, it wouldn't stand up on it's own. He had very little pubic hair and looked like he trimmed or shaved it to me. He had an Adonis body. I was staring at him and didn't even notice Greg had also spurted. He came last and also had the most cum. His must have gone up in the air a little, because it went almost to the other end of the table. Greg smiled in victory, he had won on all three grounds, he was last to cum, and also had the most cum that went the farthest. He jumped in victory, all the time his dick jumping for joy with him. All three of them stood there laughing and talking, naked as could be and seemingly so comfortable with it. Tommy left for the shower again, because apparently a drop of Greg's cum had landed on him, just above his pubic hair and he was 'grossed out.'

Only after it was over, did I feel guilty. The guys asked if I wanted to masturbate. I did, but said, 'No.' They planned for a rematch 30 minutes later. I knew about 'recovery' time. Josh could have sex and then be ready to go again in a few minutes. They had their rematch, I guess, but without me. I felt too guilty. I went home and took a hot shower and jilled myself to the thought of Tommy's huge dick. I never would look at the guys the same way. They kidded me whenever they saw me. I had to tell Josh. This led to us breaking up. I missed seeing the guys and their musky smells. My next boyfriend would also be a frat guy. All throughout college, I loved to frequent the fraternities. I have never seen as large a penis as Tommy had, but I'm still looking!



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