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College Experience

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When I was 19 and a sophmore, I moved out of the dormitory at my university and into a neighborhood apartment house. The landlady was in her early 50's, had reddish hair and very large breasts. I was relatively inexperienced sexually having had just a few petting encounters with girls my own age.

During the second week of school my landlady began to show a special interest in me. She invited me for coffee several times and finally asked if I would help her to organize her kitchen shelves on the weekend. She offered to fix supper if I would help her and to do my laundry as well.

Sunday evening I knocked at her door at 6:00PM with my laundry bag and we immediately went to work. Supper was cooking in the oven as we took everything down from the highest shelves, dusted or washed and replaced things. The job took almost an hour and by the time we were done we were both soaked with persperation from working in the hot kitchen. When we placed the final dish on the highest shelf she took a look at my shirt and suggested that I throw it in with the laundry that she was about to do for me.

'Go in the bathroom and take a shower while I wash all of your clothing,' she suggested.

'Everything?' I asked.

'Yes.' she insisted.

I handed my socks, underpants, jeans and shirt out through the door and showered without thinking carerfully about what I might put on when I was done. While I was in the shower she stepped into the bathroom, pulled the shower curtain just a bit and told me that she had left a bathrobe for me to put on.

When I exited the bahroom, she had already placed our dinner on the small table in the living room and started to play some music. I will always remember the music, it was Frank Sinatra.

'Give me a few minutes she said' and disappeared into the bathroom. I listened as the shower ran and a moment later she returned in a matching robe. They were white terry cloth robes with no buttons. Just a sash.

We ate quickly and she served lemonaid.

'To earn your desert,' she said as she cleared the dishes, 'you have to dance with me. I don't ever get to dance anymore.'

By this time I was wondering if she was also naked under her robe and my probing eyes were seeing the curves of her breasts and the occasional sign of a nipple. I was getting aroused.

The dancing began innocently as I stiffly held her at a distance from me. But as we continued she pulled us closer and soon we were embracing and locked in a very close and sexy dance. As she held me her fingers went inside my robe, and around my bare waist. The robe fell open. She continued as if nothing specuial had happened, and as the music slowed I could feel her robe opening as well. I was feeling her breasts against my chest as we swayed back and forth, and then her entire body with its warm places pressing against me.

I was hard as a rock and hanging, actually sticking striagt out, and trying to manuever so that it wouldn't be touching her. Then her hand followed the contour of my chest and slid down until my erection was fully engulfed by her fingers.

'Just relax and feel the music, honey,' she whispered. 'Try to make it last.'

Just as she said that I came, blowing stream after stream of cum all over her, her robe and her living room floor. I was humiliated and I aplogized. She guided me back to the couch and told me to forget about it. A moment later she was wiping the massive semen mess with a warm cloth and serving cake.

'You must not be getting much,' she laughed as we finished eating. I admitted my inexperoience. 'Well, honey,' she added 'one thing that a gentleman always does is to be sure that his lady is satisfied. So if you will sit there and watch I will teach you,' she added.

With that she turned toward me on the couch opened her rome and masturbated. Her pleasure took almost five minutes and included nipple stimulation, moaning and undulating. As she continued she asked if I was hard again, and I was. 'Go ahead,' she said, 'join me.'

The second time we both came togeather, even though we never touched each other.

We continued our Sunday dinners for the rest of the year. There was always Frank Sinatra music, showers, bathrobes, and dancing. We continued to masturbate with each other sometimes using lotion and once in a while masturbating each other, but we never went beyond that. I still think about her every day and once went to visit when I was 40 years old and married. She was 75 then but as sexy as ever.



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