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College Exhibitionist Public Masturbator

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When I was in college, I was, at times, a flagrant exhibitionist and I was constantly horny! I masturbated a few times per day all over campus, in the library, dorms, study rooms and outside. Most of the time, I masturbated in close proximity to sexy girls, who did not know there was a public masturbator only a few feet away. However, at times my exhibitionist tendencies took over, and I had to both expose myself and be watched masturbating in order to be satisfied.

I had many different ways of public masturbation. The way I used the most, and with the best success was from my car. I would ususally wait until late at night, when outside activity was minimal. Then I would cruise the streets and parking lots near the girl's dorms, looking for girls in their rooms with open windows and lights on. If there was music, and a party, all the better. If I saw guys in the room, I avoided them. The best situation was a girl actually sitting in her window. I was not trying to be a voyeur, although I occasionally saw someone undressing, I was really there to be seen! I never wanted to scare anyone, and I think with the girls in their rooms, usually one or two floors up, they felt safe.

I would pull up across from their window and take all my clothes off. I would then wait for girls to come to the window, if one was not there already. When they did appear, I would turn the light on in the car, to try to get their attention. I would often have a porn mag on the seat, usually in view. If their window was open, but they didn't notice, I might even honk once or twice, just to get them to look out. As soon as they appeared, my light would come on. Then I would try tp expose myself! I loved the first reaction!! It was usually, 'Oh My god! There's a naked guy in that car down there!' I always had my window open to hear everything. Usually, the roomate would then run to the window to see too! During one of my best flashes, they alerted many girls, and I had seven or eight watching me at once!

Once they noticed, I would begin to masturbate! Sometimes I raised myself up to give them the perfect view. Then, the realization that they were watching a guy masturbate would suddenly click, and this would provoke an even bigger response! I heard things like 'Oh my God, He's jacking off' ' he's looking at porn and Jerking off!' and 'do it!' and 'Yeah , BabY!' and 'Woo! WOO!' and 'Hoot Hoot!' even 'Cum for us'. I also heard stuff like 'you fucking pervert' and 'Get a sex therapist!' After I came, I would drive away, to all kinds of cat calls! One dorm liked me so much, I went back many times. They often looked for me, and called me the 'town's name jerk off'

One night I pulled up to that dorm at about 1 am, and in the second story lounge window, I could see a group of girls. I stopped just below the window and turned on the light. A girl looked out and saw me naked and hollered, 'Look! It's the town Jerk off!' Within seconds seven or eight cute college girls were lining the window, watching my every move! As I furiously stroked myself they were hooting and hollering, shouting things like 'do it!' and 'I want to see you shoot!' 'We want cum' until I exploded all over myself, amidst cheers and howls and laughter!. Even as I left, I heard one say 'don't go!', but I always felt guilty just after coming, and drove away. I did this for a few years, but eventually stopped. I still fantasize about those days when I masturbate now!



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