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College Dorm Showers

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I had one of the orgasms of my life in a shower stall in my college dorm hall.


What I'm about to describe is probably one of the stupidest, most reckless (and dangerous) things I've ever done, but it did result in one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I was a sophomore in college, and was living on the 8th floor of a dorm hall. It was the weekend, and most people on my floor went home for weekends, so there were hardly any people around. I was studying in my dorm room when I had to take a leak. I exited my room, locked it, and headed towards the floor's boys bathroom. As soon as I entered and the door shut behind me, I was greeted by the sounds of one of the showers running. The shower stalls - which had full wall separations and long shower curtains offering a great deal of privacy - were down a hallway to the left of the bathroom door, while the rest of the bathroom proper was in a larger room off to the right. That's a long-winded way of saying that the showers were out of the way, and kind of secluded. The air was pretty thick with steam, but I thought nothing of any of this. Just another guy from the floor taking a shower,� I thought. I went to one of the urinals and began to do my business, when the shower suddenly stopped. I cut off my urine stream immediately; it was probably something about my inherent shyness when it comes to bodily functions. Knowing that the unseen shower occupant would no doubt soon be appearing from the shower hallway as he made his exit, and not wanting to be seen urinating, I ducked into one of the toilet stalls and sat down, prepared to wait the guy out before I finished urinating (yeah, I was weird about stuff like that). I was waiting to hear the tell-tale slide of the shower curtain, but I didn't. Instead, I started to hear a soft, rhythmic, wet slapping. It wasn't loud, but it was very obvious that the guy - probably somebody I knew pretty well from the floor - was jacking off. The slapping sound increased in tempo and intensity, and I could hear some pronounced sighs coming from beyond the wall that separated the showers hallway from the rest of the bathroom. A quiet, breathy "Fuck,"� was heard, the rhythmic fapping began to slow, then finally came to a stop. I heard the shower curtain pull back, heard him towelling off, and heard the slap of his bare feet on the wet tile floor as he walked to the door, which he quickly exited through. Now completely alone, I became aware of two things. One, I had been holding my breath. Two, my cock was rock-hard, and I needed to get off. Immediately. More than that, I wanted to get off in the spot where my unseen companion had just gotten off. I left the toilet stall - after pulling my pants back up and shoving my cock inside, lest somebody enter the bathroom before I was out-of-sight in the shower hallway - and raced to the shower stalls. The hallway was still full of steam, sauna-like. I searched for the only stall with a wet floor, and found it at the very end of the line, my shoes squeaking as I walked on the wet tile. I arrived at the shower stall, and was about to drop my pants again to jack off a quickie, when I glanced down at the stall's floor. It was very wet, the water having not evaporated yet, and there, near the back corner of the stall, was the guy's cum. Spattered on the tile in little pools, I could see it was a huge load. I should say that at that time, I was totally straight (I've since come to a slightly more nuanced opinion of my orientation). The sight of men, their bodies, their cocks, etc. didn't do anything for me, whereas women most definitely did (and do). But the idea of people (of either gender) cumming, having orgasms, has always been a turn on, and to see the visual evidence of this guy's monster orgasm was somehow intoxicating to me. Without fully thinking, I was suddenly completely undressing. I slipped off my shoes, then peeled off my socks. My shirt followed, as did my jeans and - finally - my underwear. I set my clothes on a fold-down bench along the wall and then stepped into the shower stall, sliding the curtain closed behind me. The warm tile and water felt nice on my feet as I crouched down to get a better look at the cum on the floor. My hand began to lightly jerk my cock. I knelt down, and then sat back on my legs folded under me, my wet soles cupping my bare ass. I pumped my cock for a few more moments before I reached a hand out and touched the boy's cum. Still warm. Then the ridiculous thought came into my mind: somebody else's cum would probably feel pretty great on my dick and I was so horny I couldn't stop myself. I scooped up this strange boy's cum - and I was right, it was A LOT - and smeared it onto my cock, using the slimy warmth as lube. Then I jacked off as fast as I could. The feeling was incredible, and the knowledge of what I was doing, and where, was a huge turn on. I beat my cock as the pleasure began to build, and I increased my tempo as the muscles in my body started to tense. And then, as the squelching sound of my hand beating my shaft with the strangers load filled my ears, I started to cum. Thick ropes of cum shot from the head of my cock. Some of it hit the stall wall and floor, but more still simple shot upwards and then fell back onto my pumping hand. Still sitting on my bare feet, I felt my toes scrunch up on my bare butt. I kept shooting, and my orgasm continued, with an intensity I had never experienced. Now using my own cum for lube, I continued to jack my cock, going well beyond the time when I would have normally stopped. I eventually stopped cumming, but the warm, pulsing pleasure in my groin was still there, and wonderful. I was experiencing euphoria. That, too, eventually began to subside, and when I could finally stand, I leaned against the shower stall's wall, catching my breath. I aimed the shower head at my groin and turned it on, washing away the mess, then I parted the curtain, snatched up my clothes, dressed, and headed back to my dorm room feeling more than satisfied. I never did find out who it was who'd beat off in the shower before me. The euphoric satisfaction soon wore off, and days later, I was feeling uneasy about the health consequences of what I'd done, so I went to the University's clinic to get myself checked (after making up a story about an unprotected, consensual sexual encounter with my non-existent girlfriend), and luckily I hadn't contracted anything. Needless to say, I haven't found myself in that kind of situation since, and I don't intend to, but man, I do sometimes still get turned on by the memory. And I still think nothing feels better than jacking off with cum as lube.



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