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College Days in the Fraternity

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I love to stroke my seven-inch hard cock every morning after I get done working out. I'm 5'9' and in good shape. What I always look forward to is an opportunity to beat off with other guys when there's the chance. I have written other stories over the last three years about the fun times I have had, having male-male sex. Here's a the story that's true that happened back when I went to the University of Oregon and was in a fraternity that still gets me to blow a load when I remember it.

I had two roommates in my second year of college and we got to know each other really well after just a couple weeks. Scott, Kam, and myself enjoyed each other's company and friendship a lot and nothing remained a secret between us. Scott was in excellent shape and enjoyed running to stay fit. His greatest attribute was his great looking ass. Kam loved to walk around naked most of the time, to show off what had to be the largest cock I had ever seen. Kam's cock when he walked, slapped back and fourth between his thighs and always made me stare, wondering how big it got when it was hard.

All three of us loved skiing, so one weekend we all headed up to my parent's cabin in the mountains, only a couple hours away from school. We had a great day skiing and came back to the cabin. We built a fire, and sat around, drinking some beers. Kam said he'd brought a couple of adult videos and wanted to know if we wanted to watch them. Scott and I both said sure. By this time we all just had on nylon shorts and no shirts while sitting around the fire. The video started and we could all tell that this was going to be tough. You could see us all start to move around in our seats, as our cocks started to grow in our shorts. Kam had a huge tent in the front of his white shorts that looked enormous. Scott was sitting on the couch next to me rubbing the front his shorts and breathing harder. My hard cock was sticking out the leg of my shorts for everyone to see.

I reached over to my backpack, pulled out some oil and lowered my shorts. My hard seven-inch cock slapped up against my stomach. I then said, 'Come on guys let's all beat off together and have some fun.' I pulled my hard-on up from my stomach and poured some oil over the head, as I stoked my large cock with my right hand. Kam stood up and slowly lowered his shorts, so his huge nine-inch cock popped free. I told him I was impressed, as he stood in front of me with his large hard-on just inches away from my face. I reached for the baby oil and dripped some on his long shaft and then I surprised myself as I took my right hand and stroked his cock.

By this time Scott raised his hips up, sliding off his shorts to expose his awesome looking body and hard cock to us. I handed him the oil and watched him drip some on his tight abs, then on his cock head. I leaned back on the couch and started beating off as Kam stood in front of us beating his huge cock. I slid over next to Scott, took my left hand and held his balls. I then reached over and pinched his nipples till they were rock hard. Scott took his right hand and ran his fingers through my pubic hair. He then finally wrapped his hand around my dripping hard-on and began beating me off.

I grabbed his hot cock with my left hand, as we stroked together. Kam looked so hot standing between us, beating his big shaft. Then he got down on his knees between us and grabbed both our cocks. He started stroking us, as Scott and I leaned over, pinching each other's nipples. I reached down and found Kam's erection. I rubbed my hand around the large mushroom head that stood at the top his fat shaft. I twisted my fist on his cockhead and felt his pre-cum pouring out. I knew we were all getting close.

Kam stood up and said he was ready to cut loose with his load. I reached up, rolled his balls around in my left hand and told him to go for it. His cockhead got even bigger, as he let sail with a load that landed all over my chest and my cock. That's all it took for Scott to blow his load, as I grabbed his cock and brought him off. Scott sent his cum all over his own lips, chest and my hand, which was covered with his thick load. I now had Scott's cum on my hand and Kam's load all over my erection.

Scott reached over, starting to beat me off faster and faster. He put his head down on my stomach as he watched from only six inches away and this sent me over the edge. My load shot all over Scott's head and face. He continued to pump out my large load, till I couldn't stand it any more and then he slowed down. We were all covered in each other's cum and the room smelled like sex. Kam sat back down between the two of us and we all just hugged. We said how great that was. When I looked down at their cocks they were both getting hard again as was mine.



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