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College Days

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When I was in college I became freinds with someone in my freshman year. We decided to room together the next year. As the fall progressed one night the conversation turned to sex and we talked about our 'Jerk Off' habits, and he told me he usually came back to the room in late moring, when I was at class orthe libraray, and relieved himself, almost everyday. I told him I was ususally a 'night person' under the covers, being as quiet as possible. Well I started to investigate, when he wasn't around and found his cum tissues in the garbage. It was so cool to handle and smell them I would get turned on. Soon I also began to get his old underware from the hamper and it would give me great jerk offs to smell these items. I did it almost everyday when he wasn'rt around secretly using these things, and I thought of him in my fantasies.
He was a pitcher for the baseball team, and in the early spring of that year came back to the room and was really sore, so he asked me to message his arm and back. He laid on the bed and only had his white tight underware on. I started to rub him on the shoulders etc, but kept getting braver and went lower and lower. He did not say anything, so I made a real chancy move, and rubbed his ass. He was silent, and adjusted himself, since I could tell by his movements he had a hard-on. I kept going down his legs, and then up to his ass. Then I took a big risk and pulled down his underware massaged his bare bottom, he groaned approval. Then I asked him to turn over, and he did. 'What are you doing?' he asked. 'Nothing, just relax' I answered. I then messaged his chest and worked down to the stiff cock, and thenI very lightly touched fhis balls, and then work my fingers up to his his cock He had some pre-cum and I liked touching it. I then began to jerk him real slow, and he was in heaven. In about five minutes he shot a big load all over his chest. We got up, and we both felt guilty, and he left to go take a shower, but as he left he said 'While I'm gone, you should take care of yourself, as I can see your really horny.' and I did
We didn't talk about the episode for a few days, but a few nights later we were studying at our desks and he came over to me and without saying a word, pulled down his underware to show me his cock, and then he said, 'Kiss it.' I turned, and without blinking an eye, put my mouth on the end of it and gave a long kiss. He was soft at this point, but smiled at me. He said 'I'm not gay or anything, but why don't you suck me off?' I said, 'Sounds good to me, lets go to your bed.' We locked the door (which we don't ususally do) and pulled down the shades and he laid there in bed, I took off his underware, and began to work my way in slowly. He just closed his eyes, and I licked first his balls, and then up the shaft of his cock. I was in heaven, it tasted and smelled so good. I gave him a great suck, but told him not to cum right away. Then I worked down on his balls again, and spread his legs all of the way, and went to his ass hole and gave him a rim job. I cannot describe how great it was and how horny I got, and he just sat there moaning his approval. Finally I went back to his 6 ' cock, and finished him off, letting him cum in my mouth. (not my very first time) Arterwards he told me it was great. He then even offered to help jerk me off, which I took him up on. He messaged my balls while I pumped myself, and when I came, I had never had that much cum in my life. I still think about our experiences to jerk-off all the time (I average 8-10 times a week)
Well, we ended up doing it about ten more times that semester, and he still says he was not gay, but I think I was Bi. We joined the same fraternity that year and moved into the house for the last two years of college, each with some other freinds. We kept our secret to ourselves. But maybe on five occassions whenever we knew it was safe we got togethe and did our thing. I would blow him and he would work my balls while I jerked off. Anyway, we are still good freinds and both have wives and children but keep in touch. We never talk about our 'horny days' together, but maybe someday we'll get back and try it again.



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