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Most of my lectures were in the relatively small music room, but now and then we had to go to the main theatre. I knew that some of the girls would sit in a deliberately provocative position...well...we were all away from home for the first time and revelling in our new-found freedom to do whatever we wanted and to explore.

One girl, (Anna) used to sometimes wear a skirt that was oh, WAY too short for her and one day I said 'You know, Anna, I bet the lecturer could see your knickers!' Anna replied 'WEll, DUH.. that's the point.' Then Anna went off the the bathroom. (I wonder what for!!)

So the next time we were in there, I made a point of wearing something similar.. a very short but loose skirt, but I went one better. No knickers at all. I also sat next to Anna. During the lecture we started writing little notes to each other. I could see she was sitting with her knees apart, so I figured it was 'game on.'

(Me) 'WOW, this is HORNY'

'Isn't it though?'

'I bet he is hard'

'Fucking hope so... I'm wetting my knickers here.'

'I'm not'

'Not horny?'

'No, not that, NO KNICKERS TO WET...LOL'

WE continued writing ever more explicit notes to each other with Anna finishing by saying..

'Fuck I hope the break is soon.. I SO need to get off.'

Well, soon after it was the coffee break and Anna and I headed for the bathroom. I figured we would both go into separate stalls and jill off.

Something else happened though. Without a word being said, we sped up as we headed for the bathroom... as soon as we got in there we crowded into the same stall and were all over each other. Neither of us had ever done anything with another girl before but it all felt so natural. I had her t shirt up and her bra and was happily touching and sucking her nipples as I stuck my other hand into her knickers. (She was right.. she WAS soaked) Anna, also was kissing my neck and had her hand up my skirt with two fingers inside me.

We jilled each other off standing up and when our orgasms hit they made our knees go weak.

The best part was when Anna asked me back to her room after the lecture. We did similar things, and a whole lot more, there. I noticed a little blood on my fingers and Anna told me that she was still a virgin. (I think I may have popped her cherry.. how cool is THAT?) We agreed to explore this side of ourselves, but I had to tell her that I am into boys in a big way and that I couldn't be exclusive. (I love cock WAY too much for that.) So over the next few weeks, I got laid when I wanted to but still saw Anna too. In fact, I introduced her to sperm.

It was hot, passionate, erotic, and totally unexpected.

Cool huh?



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