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Colin, Kelly and I

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When I was 13 I got into a strange relationship with a boy my age and his younger sister.

The boy, Colin, had moved into the house directly across the street from our home. My parents made me go over and introduce myself right after the moving truck had left. It was very awkward and Colin did not seem at all interested to meet me.

I had just gone into puberty and was just learning to masturbate. My method was pretty basic, grab my cock with my hand and rub it up and down as fast as I could to come as fast as I could. I had no concept of control or prolonging my pleasure.

Several weeks later, Colin came over to my house and asked me if I wanted to go over and play video games. When we got there he told me his parents were out all day and we were alone in the house. After an hour of video games, Colin pulled out an old VHS porno tape and put it on the TV. I had never seen a porn video before and was fascinated and turned on. I tried to hide my erection and not seem too interested in the video. Colin pulled down his shorts and showed me his erection. He had a small almost hairless cock that was sticking straight up from his body. He covered himself back up but kept his hand in his pants and was not hiding the fact that he was jerking off. I felt very uncomfortable and to make matters worse his sister, Kelly came into the room and watch a bit of the video with us before leaving as if nothing had happened. When the video ended, I said I had to go home and left.

Colin and I became friends and at first nothing sexual ever happened between us. We never mentioned the porn video or talked about jerking off. One afternoon, he just said to me, out of the blue, he wanted to show me something. We went into his room and he took off his pants and stood in front of me. Taking a small can of gel shaving cream he put a small blob on his hand and began to masturbate telling me this was the best feeling he could give himself, almost as good as 'being inside a girl'. When he came he stopped stroking and shot a long stream on sperm onto the floor.

Seeing this got me turned on. Colin asked me if I wanted to try it. I resisted at first but ended up doing the same as Colin. He was right, it was an amazing feeling and I came very quickly.

I asked him later if he had really been 'inside a girl' and he said he had fucked his sister. He described it in detail and I believed it was true. He said that if I was nice to her she might let me fuck her too.

That session started a series of similar events where we tried various lubes and methods or jerking off. Colin kept pressuring me to let him jerk me off but I would not let him. My cock was much bigger than his, even at 13. He really has a small one and he seemed obsessed with mine.

Finally; I relented and let him jerk me off. At first I was very embarrassed but when it began to feel good I relaxed and let him do what he wanted to do. He started fast and slowed down as I got harder and closed to coming. He told me to tell him when I was ready and when I did he stopped and let me go soft. I was really angry the first time but he began again and after a few cycles he gave me the best orgasm of my life.

From that moment I was hooked; I almost became his slave. Colin began to manipulate me and dominate our friendship. We masturbated together most afternoons at my house. Sometimes we would just sit side-by-side on my bed while watching and sometimes he would masturbate me. He kept pushing me to jerk-him off, which I did but it was never good enough for him. He wanted to try anal and oral sex, but I said no.

One time at his house, after he had just finished jerking me off, Colin asked if I would like to see his sister's cunt. I said yes. and he went to her room and brought her back.

Kelly was 13 and a bit on the fat side, not overweight but she was a big girl, as tall as Colin or I was at the time.

Colin told her that I had a very large cock and that I would show it to her if she would show me her vagina. Much to my delight, she agreed and took off her jeans and panties. I also took off my pants and showed her my cock which had a nice erection going. We just stood there for a minute. Colin asked her if she wanted to touch me and she said 'no; that was not part of the deal', however she did sit on the bed and open her lips with her fingers to show me inside her.

I was now turned on and on Colin's suggestion I began to jerk off. Kelly left as soon as I started and Colin ended up pushing me onto the bed and jerking me off again.

Around this time, I made basketball team and spent less time with Colin. The time we did spend together we always spent jerking-off or watching porn. Often Kelly would come in and watch the porn movies with us and I decided that I was going to try to get her to have sex with me. When Colin figured out what I wanted to do he kept telling me that he could arrange it but only if I would start to do more 'sex things' with him.

I wanted to stop the whole thing but I also wanted to sleep with Kelly desperately.

One afternoon, after I had jerked-off Colin, I demanded that he make Kelly have sex with me soon. We got into a fight and I left.

Over the next few days, Colin started some rumors at school that I was gay and was having sex with other boys. We got into a fight and I was suspended from school for 2 weeks and kicked off the basketball team.

The rumors at school stopped. Colin and I just ignored each other. I tried to stay friendly with Kelly but she would not have any of it and just kept away from me. This went on until we were in grade 9.

One day saw a for sale sign in front of Colin and Kelly's house. The next time I saw Colin at school; I stopped him in the hall and asked him what was going on. He said his dad had lost his job and they were moving away.

A few days before they moved, Colin came over and gave me a VHS tape. He said I would want to keep it secret. We shook hands and said good-bye.

It was several days until I was alone in the house and could safely watch the video. It was a video of he and Kelly having sex. I could tell from looking at her body shape that it was a compilation taken over several years. Most were taken when the camera was not moving as if it was hidden. Some were shot hand-held with very close-up shots. In each case; Colin used a condom and Kelly was on her period.

I don't know why he gave it to me; I was shocked and angry. I can't figure if this was his way of saying sorry for what he had done or if this was a way of getting back at me because he knew I wanted to sleep with his sister.

I kept the tape for a few months and watched it over and over. Strangely I never got aroused while watching it. One afternoon, I just took it into the garage and crushed with a hammer.



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