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Coffee With Older Neighbor Lady

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What a great experience this was. Older women can really be surprising with their attitudes about sex. Would love to see more stories in Solo Touch from older women!


We have a neighbor who is in her late fifties that is semi-friendly with my wife. She stops by mid-morning every two or three weeks to have a cup of coffes with my wife while I'm at work. This morning she stopped in and my wife was running errands but I was home. 'Jean' is a rather plain looking gal, very motherly, and very pleasant and outgoing. She is about 5'7' with short black hair speckled with grey. She has steel blue eyes and a cute smile, and she is a bit overweight, probably weighs about 150-160lbs. I have always noticed she has nice full breasts. This morning she was wearing a sleeveless yellow light cotton summer dress because it was so hot, and it came down to about mid-calf.

She knocked on our door and I told her my wife was out but she was welcome to join me for a cup of coffee. I fixed her a cup and we sat at the kitchen table. I was in the middle of reading today's paper and commented about the local news briefs that talked about two incidents in our town where men were arrested for public lewdness. One guy was caught masturbating in his car behind a local shopping center, and another was caught standing in his window naked and masturbating. Both were reported by women who had seen them. I told her about these stories to gauge her reaction, and she laughed and said if SHE had been the one to see the man in his apartment window she wouldn't have picked up the phone, she would have got her binoculars and pulled up a chair to enjoy the show. She said, 'Honey, it's been a lot of years since I had the pleasure of seeing a naked man and I would have taken advantage of it.' I laughed with her as we talked about how men always seem to be horny and thinking with their penises, and she confessed that she missed the intimacy of being with a man since it's been 'so many years for me' (she was divorced in 1998 and hasn't dated).

I daringly told her that if she had knocked on the door five minutes after she did that she would have been privvy to her own personal show since part of my morning routine when I work from home is to read the paper and have my coffee, and then sit and leisurely masturbate before I showered and got dressed for work. She looked shocked and said she was surprised by that, and wondered how often I 'pleasured myself'. I laughed again and told her that I still have the raging hormones of a teenager and like to masturbate at least once a day. She thought I was kidding but I told her I was serious. She asked what my wife thought about that and I told her my wife isn't much interested in sex, hence the reason for my regular 'pleasuring'.

As I was talking to her, of course I became aroused, and as I was wearing only plaid drawstring pyjama bottoms and a tshirt it was very evident I had an erection. I saw her glancing at it nervously, and knew that she was interested. I took a chance and said to her that being divorced and alone she must also have to take care of her own needs, and she blushed and looked down, then said that yes sometimes she does, but not every day! I asked her when she had 'taken the plunge' last and she told me on Saturday. I pressed her for details, and she was reluctant at first until I finally got her to reveal that she had gone to friends for dinner that night, and when she got home she had showered. When she got out she remained undressed, lit some candles and lay on her bed (where she usually does it) and masturbated. I asked her what she fantasized about, and she told me there was a very handsome young waiter at the restaurant in tight black slacks that had caught her eye, and she imagined him slowly removing her clothes, then his own, and bringing her to orgasm. She was completely flushed as she then told me she thought about stroking his penis, and then him removing her hand, her laying on the bed and him masturbating while standing over her while she lay doing the same thing.

While she was telling me the story I pushed back the kitchen chair I was sitting in and began to slowly play with myself through my underwear. After she finished telling me her fantasy I simply lowered my pyjama bottoms to reveal my erection. She stared as I began to play with it, and I told her I would love to see her legs and have often wondered what kind of underwear she favors. She smiled coyly and sat back, and ever so slowly pulled her dress up, up, up. First her plump white thighs were revealed, and finally her light yellow cotton briefs came into view. She pulled the hem of her skirt all the way up to her stomach, fully exposing her panties for me to see, and little wisps of pubic hair were visible around the crotch of her panties. I encouraged her to touch herself, and she did, first rubbing over her crotch and then putting her hand underneath and she rubbed up and down her slit. We sat that way for several minutes, watching each other masturbate, until I asked her to stand up.

She did, and I had her turn round. I lifted her dress again and began touching and rubbing her ass through her panties, and then slid them down and off, exposing her large plump butt. I reached round and played with her tits through her dress and bra. She took my cock and began to masturbate me with her right hand while I could clearly see as I looked down her left hand frigging her clitoris rapidly. She was moaning loudly, telling me she wanted me to ejaculate, and I did. The first few spasms landed just below her throat, on her exposed neck and then I streaked and spotted her sundress with several more dollups of cum. She leaned forward, I leaned down, and we exchanged an incredibly passionate french kiss before we cleaned up...



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