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Coffee, Tea, or My Hand?

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I had finally become lovers with my 55 year old landlady. Talk over coffee one day became more frank, and when she said she was attracted to me, a man about 20 years her junior, I told her that I thought she was very sexy (and she was, with blonde hair, blue eyes, a trim figure, and when I saw her go out on a date with a guy close to her age, very nice legs). We kissed for starters and ended up fucking on the floor of her kitchen. We screwed about three times a week.

Before one of our sessions, making out as a prelude to going to bed, I commented on the picture of her during her time as a flight attendant ('We were stews back then, honey, and I like that title', she told me). The uniform was a bright orange and very short. I told 'Tanya' that she looked delicious in her uniform, and that I thought she must have had to fight off the male passengers (and maybe some female passengers) on every flight.

'Well, not that often, but I did know that I did attract attention, and for the most part, I tuned it out. Still, it was fun to be admired often.'

We kissed some more, then she pushed back from me.

'X, would you like me to put the uniform on for you?' I was stunned. 'You still have it?'

'Oh, yeah. It's a nice reminder of the best job I ever had. And I still fit into it, too.' Of course, I said for her to put it on.

She came out about 20 minutes later, wearing the uniform, complete with wings, name tag, low-heeled matching pumps, and brown pantyhose. She had put her hair up as she had back in the picture, and was wearing pale lipstick. I started to get up to virtually rape her, but she said, 'No. I have an idea.'

Tanya's idea was to pretend that I was a passenger and she was going to take care of me, with a few twists.

She stood by the door leading to her bedroom, and said that I could board. I went up to her, pretended to give her my ticket. She said thank you, and 'I'm Tanya, your stewardess. Let me welcome you aboard.' She put her hand behind my head and kissed me, her tongue moving around slowly, her other hand rubbing the front of my pants. I reached for her underneath the uniform, and squeezed her ass.

She broke the kiss, and said 'Please have a seat, sir, and I'll be by to service, I mean, serve you shortly.'

I sat in a chair in the bedroom. She came by, stood over me, leaned down, and kissed me again.

'Here, sir, let me help you with your belt.' She unbuckled my belt, and unfastened my pants.

'Sir, I'll be able to help you better if you drop your pants and underwear.' I pushed those off quickly, leaving my hard cock sticking in the air.

'Now, sir, it's not safe to fly with an erection like that. If you like, I can help make you more comfortable.' I said 'I would appreciate that, thank you.'

Tanya was still leaning down when she took hold of my prick. She began stroking me in her usual smooth fashion, but then stopped.

'Oh, sir. I'm sorry. I didn't give you your preflight kiss.' She kissed me again, with much passion, then resumed her stroking.

'Sir, regulations require that you come for your stewardess.' I managed to gasp out that I would cooperate.

Tanya's hand went faster and I reached my orgasm.

She cleaned me up, kissed me, and told me to get into bed while she took off the uniform. I told her that I wanted her to wear it while she was fucking me, and said that was for another time, and after she had purchased some crotchless pantyhose.



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