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Cody, Dylan, and Alice

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The summer that I turned 15, my parents decided to go on vacation to the Bahamas for a week leaving me at home under the supervision of my two older brothers, Dylan and Cody. Dylan was 15 and the time and Cody was 17. We had a pretty okay relationship as far as brother - sister relationships go. We had occasional fights over little things but no real problems arose.

The second night that mom and dad were gone, I had made plans to stay over at a friend's house. A few hours after I got there, my friend got sick and her mom decided that I should go home so that I didn't catch whatever it was that my friend had. She drove me home and dropped me off. I entered the house quietly even though it was only 9:30 and I knew that neither Dylan or Cody would be asleep. I tip-toed up the stair passed my room to use the bathroom. Right as I was about to flush I heard loud noises coming through the wall from Dylan's room. I decided I would investigate and left the bathroom without flushing.

I left my bag in the hallway and made my way toward Dylan's door. I peeked inside where the door met the doorframe and could see that there was something on his TV. Judging from the noises, I assumed he was watching a porno. I wanted to walk in on him. I would go in, embarrass him, then use this incident to blackmail him into doing something for me.

With that plan in mind, I loudly opened the door and stepped into Dylan's room. What I saw was not at all what I was expecting to find. I was correct about the porno but what I found was Cody and Dylan sitting completely naked on Dylan's bed playing with each other's cocks. I was stunned and speechless. They both looked up at me. They stopped. Their hands still on the other boy's erection. I looked at them. My eyes darted from Cody's face to his cock, then to Dylan's face and then to his cock.

'I - I - s - sorry.' I stuttered, slowly backing out of the room.

'No.' Cody said.

I stopped.

'You can stay if you want.' He said.

'I, stay?' I asked.

'Yeah,' Dylan said. 'We don't mind.'

'Hell, you could even join in if you wanted.' Cody said.

Hesitantly, I sat down in the chair by the door.

Dylan began stroking Cody's dick again and Cody followed suit for Dylan. Even though the porn was on, they were staring at the other boy's dick and not at the screen. Up until this point, I found this whole situation weird and gross. Especially since at this point I did not masturbate. But I found myself getting more and more turned on by this whole affair. I could feel myself getting wet. Dylan moaned really loud.

I began rubbing my crotch over my shorts. I had never really explored myself down there so I had no idea what I was doing. Apparently this was evident because Dylan said, 'You're doing it wrong, Alice.'

I looked up.

'Come over here and we'll help you.' Dylan told me.

I slowly got up. I pulled off my tank top and bra and tossed them to the floor. I then pulled down my shorts and panties in one swift motion. I approached the bed. My nipples were extremely hard. I stood in front of the bed. Dylan used his free hand to reach out and touch my left breast. The boys let go of each other.

'Lay down.' Dylan instructed.

I obeyed, laying down on the bed inbetween the two.

'You've never masturbated before, have you?' Cody asked.

'Um, no.' I mumbled.

'Well, Dylan here is a pro.' Cody giggled.

'Do you care if I do it for you?' Dylan asked me.

'Um, sure?' I said.

Dylan opened my legs and exposed my pussy to himself and Cody. Dylan began rubbing my clit and I gasped in pleasure.

'That,' He smiled, 'Is your clitoris.'

I nodded.

'It is very sensitive and usually playing with it can bring you to orgasm.' He explained.

He continued to rub my clit with his thumb and his other fingers found their way into my vagina. He felt around and pushed them in deeper little by little. He continued to feel around as he continued inserting his fingers into me. He hit a certain spot and I moaned out and squirmed.

'Okay well obviously I'm in your vagina, but I found your G-spot. It is also very sensative and you will want to know where it is because it is different for everyone and most guys won't take the time to find it.' He told me.

He continued to finger me and rub my clit with his left hand while rubbing his cock with his right hand. Cody was sitting only inches away jerking his own dick. Dylan's hands thrust in and out of me and rubbed quickly. I felt an odd sensation building up inside. Before I could even speak to let Dylan know, the feeling overcame me. I began convulsing under Dylan's hands and I felt my muscles contracting hard. I grunted and squeezed my eyes shut. I threw my head back and screamed.

After it was over, Dyan pulled his hands out from me. They were dripping wet. He wiped them on his sheets.

'You, my dear sister, just had your first orgasm.' Cody told me.

I sat up slowly. 'Wow, that was amazing!' I told them.

'You're welcome.' Dylan giggled.

'Now if you would like to stay for the show you are more than welcome to.' Cody said.

'I think I will.' I said.

I leaned back against the wall and let Dylan and Cody get to work. They touched themselves and each other and eventually, after almost 20 minutes, Dylan moaned out in a sexy, deep voice, 'I'mma cuuuuuum!'

With that, he bucked his hips wildly and I watched in awe as 5 long ropes of cum shot out of my brother's dick all over his bed. After he finished shooting, he continued to slowly pump his cock. Meanwhile, Cody was pounding away on his erection and shaking the whole bed. Without any warning, Cody blew his load all over Dylan's bare chest and arms. After the two boys came down from their orgasms, Cody spoke.

'Dylan and I get together every Tuesday and Friday after school and jerk off together. You are welcome to start joining us if you would like.' He informed me.

'Definatley!' I exclaimed.

We all got dressed and the boys cleaned up. I must admit that I took Cody up on his offer and every Tuseday and Friday, we would get together in Cody's room and masturbate together. After Cody left for college, Dylan and I continued our sessions. Dylan is moving out next month since he is 18 now, and I will greatly miss our sessions together. But I know that when the boys come home to visit, we will for sure re-unite and masturbate again.

:) Alice (:



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