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Cockrubbing Buddies

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When I was 11, I had a school friend named Jack, and we'd hang out together after school. Sometimes I'd go to his house, and other times he'd come to mine.

One day after school, he came over. We didn't know what to do, so we decided to take a stroll to a nearby park. It was around three in the afternoon, and the park was pretty deserted. Anyway, we were just bumming around for a while, when I told him I had to pee. Ironically, he said he had to as well, so we went behind a tree, undid our shorts and relieved ourselves, side by side. I couldn't help but look at his little member, and he was looking at mine too. We were both uncut, and what was weird was that both our dicks looked almost identical, except his was just darker in tone (he had much darker skin than me).

We both giggled at each other, and were eventually done peeing, but didn't cover up. We just left our dicks out, as if still waiting for something. It's as if we were both leaving it out on purpose just to let the other person have a longer view of it.

I don't know why, but I just decided to ask him straight out if I could touch his dick, and he said it was ok by him. So I reached out, and gently gripped it. It felt good. Really good. We both didn't know how to jack off yet. I just placed my fingers around it, and squeezed it gently, really gently. As I did that, I could feel it harden in my hand, and at the same time feel mine harden too! I could tell he was enjoying it, and so was I!

I continued this for a while, and gradually increased the squeezing. Then I stopped. He asked me if he could do the same for me, and like I was gonna say no! So he reached out and gently grabbed my dick, and started squeezing it the way I did his, and boy was it bliss. I then continued to do the same to him, and it was so good that we both decided that we had to sit down somewhere and continue this.

We found a secluded bench, sat down and were squeezing each other's cocks. We were both so hard, and enjoying every moment of it! After a while we stopped, and he went home, but we agreed to do it again the next day! I couldn't wait, and I'm sure he couldn't either!

The next day after school we went to the park again, hit the same bench and continued our mutual squeezing moment. It was a lot of fun. Then, I asked him if he wanted to touch my dick with something else. He was curious, and asked me with what I had in mind. I suggested that we touch both dicks together, and he said he was ok with that.

So we both stood up, faced each other, and I touched his dick with mine. The feeling was fantastic! It first started with just short touches, but this eventually turned into a rubbing session. I'd rub the tip of my dick against the tip of his, and I have to say, the feeling was simply out of this world! I looked at my hard dick, and was quite surprised to see it so pumped that veins were practically jutting out of the skin! We'd brush the foreskins together, and when our cockheads touched it was literally felt like electricity running down your spine! We went on for ages because it felt so good.

So after school, this was what we'd do - rub cocks. Sometimes when no one was home, we'd do it in my room. We'd take off our pants, grab each other's butt cheeks, and grind away! Sometimes he'd lay on the bed, and I'd lie on him and we'd rub our cocks together. Other times he'd lie on top of me. We did this for quite a while, whenever we could, until we both ended up going to different schools. We drifted apart after a while, and that was that. Sadly, he was killed in accident some time later, and I'll always remember him as being a great cockrubbing buddy.

I'll admit that I'm not gay, but it was such a nice feeling to have two hard cocks rubbing together. Nothing ever felt quite like it. Anyone who's tried it please share your stories. They are so rare.



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