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Co-worker Panty Whack

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True story...I never thought my underwear could hold such facsination for someone that he would jack himself into them! Wow! Fun!!!


I was employed at a retail store where I met a reasonably attractive gentleman who also worked there. I noted that there was a slight difference in our age, but his charm and charisma won me over. At times I wondered what he might look like in the nude.

He was six foot tall, tan, and had a very fit physique. I am five foot six, slender build with small but perky ass, B-cup tits and brassy hair that I keep in a boyish cut. Our association with each other was usually no more than a casual 'hello' or 'have a nice day' until one day while I was dusting a bottom shelf I noticed him looking at the waistband of my protruding underwear. I didn't think much of it or mentioned it to him. This kept up for about a week until one day he asked me if purple was my favourite colour. I immediately knew what he meant, but played it off. I got an idea to see if perhaps my admirer had a panty fetish.

I started riding my bike to work and would bring at least a change of underwear along with my usual attire to change into. I would go into the back office and park my bike and do a quick change. I left my bra and panties on a small corner chair under my spandex shorts and sports top. I figured maybe at his break time he would go into the back office and notice my stuff there and get curious! Well I was surprised at what I found later that day!

He did take his usual break and he did go into the back office, but he took longer than usual! My mind could only imagine what he could be doing in there! The rest of the day went on as usual and I closed the store that evening. When I went back to retrieve my stuff, everything looked just as I had left it...with one exception, there was a HUGE load of man sauce on both cups of my bra and another one on the crotch of my panties! I almost fainted right there! My mind formed all types of scenarios of him stroking his large, rigid, veiny cock against the delicate fabric of my panties. After I had gained my composure, I made a decision that I was going to have to catch him in the act.

I was too shy to ask him up front, but I knew that if I left another set of my underwear out for him he would probably jack his cock again.

It was Friday and we went about in our usual manner. I had once again rode my bike in, went into the back office to change, and left my panties and bra that I had just put on in the morning (this time it was a shiny black satin bra and shiny purple panties.) I waited till it was his break time and, as before, he went into the back office. I gave him a little time to settle in before I would make my move and sneak around the corner to peek. Our back office is a sort of warehouse so there is not usually any type of privacy except boxes and other stuff lying around.

As I approached the desk area I could hear faint slapping sounds.

I paused to slip a hand down my shorts and rub my now wet pussy. As I inched closer, I could see the large back of the desk chair and nothing more. I decided to get a little daring and crept right up behind the chair and looked over. Wow! What a sight! He had his pants and his briefs all the way down to the floor, his legs spread wide apart, and was jacking off into my panties! His cock was so beautiful; large, veiny, and clean shaven! The head of his cock bulged enormously every time it bumped up against the crotch of my panties. I made every effort not to make any noise, but what I had not noticed is that my own figure was cast in shadow against the opposite wall! In fear I gathered myself together and left. I didn't stay long enough to see the outcome, but I will have the souvenir!

Keep on Jacking!!!



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