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Co-worker Obsession

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When I was nineteen years old, I had a one time sexual experience that has been my masturbation fantasy ever since. I was working as a cashier in a clothing store and at the time, I was technically a virgin but had done everything but... with my then boyfriend. There was a salesgirl about 35 yrs old who was very nice but seemed very needy and was always wanting to go out after work for dinner or to a movie and she just seemed very clingy which didn't really appeal to me as a person who I would be friends with.
One night, my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument and we broke up after being together for two years. I was devastated and very depressed. After work the next day I really didn't want to go home so I accepted Debby's offer to go out. She was so excited and she decided that we might be more comfortable at her condo instead of a restaurant so we got some take out and drove to her place. Inside she lit a fire and opened a bottle of wine and I have to admit I got very relaxed. I started telling her about the break up and she sat and just looked at me. Finally after an hour of ranting, she said 'I can't believe he would leave you. I would never leave someone as sexy as you.' I freaked a little but she continued. She told me that she had been attracted to me since I started to work and she had never picked up a girl before but she couldn't stop thinking about me and every time we were together, she would leave work totally horny. Then she asked me how I felt about that. Honestly, it was weird but it made me feel so good. I felt like there was someone who appreciated me after my boyfriend had left me feeling so awful. I asked if she was gay and she said she didn't know because she was a virgin and she had never felt so intensely attracted to anyone. She also said she had never experienced an orgasm but thought she could with my help. I was so hot. I could feel the heat in my pussy and I could feel my panties start to get wet. I told her to lay down and I started to rub her shoulders and slowly unbutton her blouse. Her breathing sounded raspy with excitement. I unstrapped her bra and rubbed her breasts, her nipples pointing and so hard. I climbed on top and took her breast in my mouth, sucking and softly nibbling her nipples. She moaned slightly and was bouncing up and down. She said her pussy was burning. I told her to calm down, that she was aroused and very soon I would put the fire out. I slowly licked my way down to her pussy. I removed her drenched panties and although I had never eaten another woman's pussy before, all of the sudden, it seemed so natural and plus, I was feeling the affects of the wine, i wasn't going to stop. I found her clit which was huge, hard and protruding. i gently licked and blew on it. With in seconds, she came in a full ejaculatory explosion. The dam had broken, her legs squeezed my head between and her hips bucked off the ground. She was screaming and crying 'I can't take this make it stop. Don't stop.' She was in total confusion. My face was doused with her cum. I placed my hand on her pussy and gently rubbed for a while to calm her down. She came three more times. Sitting there, watching her cum, made feel so powerful that I also came just watching her. As she felt more in control, She asked if she could try to give me an orgasm. I told her that I would love it and she began to replicate my technique on me. She was unbelievable. I had never been eaten like that and never by a woman, it was so wonderful. I orgasm just thinking about it. She quit her job the next day...I think she was ashamed and confused. Whenever I masturbate or have sex, I think of her. It was an amazing experience.



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