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Co-worker Holistic Massage

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A lymph node massage from an older coworker ends up relieving something else.


Hi. This event happened this past Friday and as a longtime reader I had to contribute.

I came into work with a miserable sore throat. After suffering at my desk for an hour I went up to Accounts Payable to talk with Svetlana. She is in her 50's and from the Ukraine. She is very much into holistic healing. She always has a cabinet full of herbs. After talking for a few minutes, she gave me some green tea and then said that my lymph nodes were swollen and that she knew of a massage to help cleanse them but that it took a long time to do so I should come back later on when she had the time.

Now, I should explain that she is in no way attractive. Her body is short and thick and her overall appearance is quite boyish, with a short-cropped hairstyle and a complete lack of fashion sense. I have never entertained any fantasies involving her.

So, later in the day, around 4:30 (we close at 5), I wandered up to the third floor where she is sequestered and found her at her desk, talking in Russian on the phone with her husband. Our company has laid-off nearly everyone and so there was no one around at all as she motioned for me to sit down. She then stood up, still talking on the phone and began massaging my scalp. This felt amazing and I soon found myself halfway asleep as she slowly worked her way down to my neck and the problem area. Now that she was off the phone, she explained very clinically, the lymph node system of the body and how it can get clogged up. I was a little surprised when she asked me to raise my arms over my head so she could massage my armpits. Pretty soon, she was working my torso and I was so relaxed that I barely could move or even respond to her dialogue.

And then, she asked a very strange question indeed.

'I am almost done but the next part is very uncomfortable for many people so I have to ask you if you want me to finish' she explained as she spun the chair around and looked at me squarely.

'What does it involve?' I asked a little nervously.

'It involves the last lymph nodes that are located in your groin' she said simply.

'Uhhh, ok' I managed as she told me to stand up.

She then sat down in the chair before me and very softly began massaging down near my hips. This felt very sexy and I started to get erect very quickly. I was wearing tight, grey slacks that day and I knew that the outline was very visible as she kept on working.

'It seems maybe you have problem here too' she quipped as she looked up at me and smiled.

I just blushed and looked away as I felt her thumbs make contact with the head of my cock. All I could do was sigh as she kneaded my cock's head through my pants. After about 5 minutes of this I could take no more and quickly unzipped my pants and freed my penis from it's restraint.

I looked down and watched her wrap her tiny hands around it and begin to stroke softly, sighing to herself. I could feel the burning and began bucking my hips as she worked it with both hands.

'Yes, let it go. You must get rid of the bad stuff' she cooed in her thick accent.

'Your sperm is now full with the sickness and you must release it all for me' she continued.

And then she grabbed my testicles with one hand and tugged forward. That did it. I groaned and let one huge load of semen spurt out over her shoulder and onto the chair. She redirected the tip so as not to get any cum onto her brown sweater.

'Very nice. You have more? ' she asked as she tugged stubbornly on my erupting cock.

Sweat was in my eyes and I felt one knee give way as I collpased onto the floor. She went down with me, still grasping my sputtering cock. I looked up and saw her wiping the head off with a napkin. I struggled back into my pants and sat up on the desk as she continued to clean up the area.

'Now, you go home rest. All bad stuff is gone. You tell me Monday if I got it all out' she ordered and gave me a wink as she walked to the trash can.

All I could do was say thanks and slowly walk out the door. Funny thing is, I still spent the weekend in bed sick. Oh well, when I see her today I will see what happens.



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