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Co-worker and Friend

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Just something that I had to get off my chest


I've known 'C' ever since she started working at the same company as me, when she was just out of college. I had always thought she was cute, but never really pursued her thinking about the problems workplace relationships usually cause. She soon met someone, married, and now has 3 kids and is a loving mother. I honestly think she looks more attractive, fit, and sexy now than when she was much younger. I would never ever try to do anything that would jeopardize our friendship or, of course, her marriage, but my longing for her made me decide to write this as an outlet.

I had to travel with her for a couple of days on a work project. After checking in to the hotel, she tells me to come to her room in a bit to discuss our schedule for the following day. When I get to the room, she is sitting on the bed wearing a t-shirt and comfortable cotton shorts with some papers strewn across the bed. I sit in a chair beside the bed and begin our discussion about the next day. I have had some back problems, which she is aware of, and I began stretching to loosen up and alleviate some soreness. At this time I honestly did not have any sexual thoughts in my head. After our plans are mapped out, and she starts clearing away the papers, she says 'Lie down, I'll massage your back, so you can get through tomorrow, it's going to be a long day you know.'

I lay face down on the bed and she knelt right beside me and started massaging my upper back. My head is on the bed and turned facing the mirror on her wall and I see her bent over my back in her shorts and I immediately started getting an erection. I had fantasized and masturbated so many times thinking about her that I couldn't stop myself from getting extremely aroused. I just felt my penis getting harder and harder until it was rock hard. She asked me where was the area that was hurting and I truthfully told her it was my lower back. She moved down to my lower back and I could just feel my rock hard penis pushing into the bed and back against my stomach. All of a sudden, her cell phone rang and she moved to answer it. It was her husband and she started talking to him and then sat back down and continued my massage. After a few minutes, she patted me softly on my back signalling the end of the back rub. I could feel that I was still super stiff, so I tried to roll over and discreetly make my way toward the door not wanting to interfere with her private talk. I took a couple of steps when she covered her hand over the phone and told me hold on she still had to discuss a couple of things and told her husband that she had to go and hung up. I felt very self-conscious and was standing facing away from her to shield the VERY obvious bulge in my thin shorts. My heart was beating very hard and I didn't know what I should do.

I tried to turn quickly and sit when I thought she wasn't looking, but she looked up right as I turned and being on the bed her eye level was right at my crotch. Her eyes widened as she spotted my tent and she hesitantly looked up at my face. I muttered under my breath that I was sorry and asked if I should just leave. After an awkward silence, she asked if I said I was sorry because I was turned on by her. Now, not feeling self-conscious about my still hard erection, I said 'Isn't it obvious?'

She said when did I start feeling like that about her and I decided then and there to spill my guts. I told her I have spent MANY nights horny out of my mind thinking about her. I said I'd never indicated anything because I didn't want to affect our friendship or working relationship. She said 'You don't have to be sorry, it's very flattering that I could have that effect on you.'

I said 'So what do you want me to do?'

She replied 'I could never sleep with you, I would feel too guilty, but I tell you what, come over here.'

I gave her a quizzical look and remained in place.

She looked me straight in the eye and said 'Come.'

I took a few steps toward the bed and she scooted to the edge. She reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me to her and said 'Lie down.'

She guided me to lie down face up this time and then looked back down at the tent in my pants. My heart was pounding and her hand reached toward my crotch and she softly squeezed me. I let out an audible gasp and she giggled. 'Does it feel good?' she asked.

I could only groan in response as she started stroking my penis, gripping it through my pants.

Not believing my own body's movements, I stood up and yanked down my shorts and underwear in one swift movement. My penis was sticking stiffly out and precum was literally dripping out of the end.

I stood right in front of her and she reached out and wrapped her soft hand around my shaft and started stroking. I had dreamed of this so many times and now it was really happening...I was almost in shock.

I looked down at her and she kept stroking it, looking back and forth from my penis to my eyes. After a couple of minutes, we locked our eyes on one another. I could feel myself getting close and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold myself back.

I quickly gasped 'Can I see you? I promise I won't touch!' I had come this far and I desperately wanted to see her naked body.

She shook her head and said 'You don't want to see naked.'

I pleaded and pleaded, but she refused and kept on stroking going faster and faster while staring right at my penis.

Then, I lost control and just exploded. Spurt after spurt shot out and got all over her hand, arm, and shirt.

She kept milking me until I had nothing left and then she went into the bathroom to wipe herself off. In a few minutes she emerged with a hand towel from the bathroom and took my penis and softly wiped it clean.

'Feel better?' she asked with a sly grin.

'Sorry' I softly said apologetically.

'Don't be...it was my choice ok?'

'Thanks, I owe you now...I can help YOU out now if you like' I told her.

'No thanks' she giggled 'But I don't regret doing it. You're not going to say ANYTHING to ANYBODY right?

'Of course not. Thank you.' I said and stepped toward her with open arms to give her a hug.

She embraced me with a firm hug and I felt my penis immediately harden again as we kept embracing. I kept my arms around her and pulled her against me and I felt my erection pushing against her crotch. I expected her to pull away from me, but she held onto me for awhile. When I slowly started grinding against her, she finally giggled and said 'You better go now OK? Let's not ruin anything now. I enjoyed it...and let's leave it at that.'

I nodded, smiled, and turned to leave her room...I couldn't wait until tomorrow night!



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