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Club Bottomless

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Recalling this and writing it got me so hot I frigged myself until I came at least twice!! UNNGHHHOOOooohhh Hope it works for you! xx


A girl friend of mine Allison suggested that I check out a special event called the 'Bottomless' held by a singles sex club. It was an Internet based club of like minded individuals that held floating themed gatherings in rented night spots. This particular event had one rule; everyone inside had to be naked from the waist down. There was another rule of no overt sex or penetration on the premises but apparently a little consensual fondling or masturbation would be all right. I had to check it out - in fact my job as a 'sex and social' writer for a local weekly in the City pretty much meant I felt obligated to do so. I've had this job for the last three years after college and have really enjoy the freedom of writing topics.

The evening of the event my friend and I met at the door and were given a lock and a locker in which to place our bottom garb. We quickly got half naked and, giggling like school girls, entered the bar area and had a seat. As we walked in I could see 'bottomless' couples and trios gathered in the booths against the wall. Some were chatting as though just out for the evening, some were calmly fondling or rubbing themselves or each other while doing so. People were also standing around in small 'bottomless' groups talking, fondling and in a few cases, like one girl showing off a new clit ring, were making themselves visible. Two girls stood talking to each other and took no mind of a guy between them slowly jerking a stiff rod from under his shirt.

We had a seat and were greeted by a young attractive female bar tender by the name of Jen wearing the top of a tuxedo and sported a beautifully cut Brazilian that she had said she had waxed for the occasion. Two guys with nice cocks were standing nearby along the bar but they had seemed pre-occupied with each other. Another bartender by the name of Pete brought our order and lingered to talk to us, saying that the staff had volunteered for this gig but that getting Jen half naked and nearby had been worth it. She walked by and gave his cock a sharp tug and we all laughed. I noticed that his cock began to become more erect as he looked at her and I felt myself begin to moisten and drip down my thighs. I now knew the benefits of a 'bottomless' party - there had been little to hide in what we were all thinking!

Behind us I could hear a girl orgasm and looked over to see her sitting in a booth between two guys with her legs open and with the fingers of one of the guys frigging her clit and going in and out of her vagina. The third guy had been jerking off a very stiff cock and after a moment began to spurt gobs of white cum on to her leg. Someone laughed and the buzz of the growing crowds continued. Almost involuntarily I ran my index finger over the hood of my clit and along my slit, pumping out more lubricant but quickly closed my legs on my hand when I realized what I had been doing!

Allison suddenly came alive when a large African man by the name of Roger came over to her and gave her a hug and a little feel. With her arm around Roger she gave his flaccid cock a stroke, holding it out for me to see. Even limp, Roger was huge ...but with Allison's skilful kneading was growing by the second. She apologized for leaving me alone and they walked over to a booth near the end of the bar to be more intimate.

After a moment of sitting alone with my legs crossed feeling like a voyeur, one of the pre-occupied guys that I had noticed earlier had come over to talk to me. His name was Matt and had a well crafted butt and a fabulous cock. As he stood beside me, we exchanged the usual stories and reasons for being there. He had been very pleasant and charming. When he reached across the bar, his cock had grazed the top of my naked leg. He apologized but didn't move away. I reached down and began to stroke it. I looked over to see Jen stroking an enormous engorged black cock. I could feel Matt tremble and grow harder as I did he smiled and lightly moaned when I fingered the underside of his penis head. I had done this before-ha!

Suddenly I could hear Roger start to become quite vocal. Jen had jerked him off to the point where he was enormous, with his cock pointing straight up from his relaxed sitting position. She continued to masturbate him with both hands while he finger banged her pussy. A few people turned to watch and murmur. Roger was on his way to coming with his mouth open and head back. He let out a great roar and fountains of white cum erupted from his cock for what seemed like forever. Cum was still oozing from his cock head when Jen came, legs apart and hips thrusting off the booth seat and into Rogers glistening hand as she did.

On a dare (or maybe for a large tip) Jen the bartender had placed herself sitting on top of the bar about twenty feet away from us. She had her legs open and had been thrusting a dildo in and out of her gaping, but very well groomed, pussy. A group of guys had gathered in front of her and were jerking off to her to the cheers of a few girls nearby by. The guys became more vocal and began to come, sending random gobs of white cum into the air. Jen was busy frigging her clit to their enthusiastic groans followed by more flying semen. After a few more came, so did Jen, announcing it to her spent and wilting audience.

I moaned at the sight and felt Matt's cock twitch and then felt spurts of hot cum shoot onto my legs. Still dripping cum, he then put his hand inside my thighs and parted my legs without difficulty, feeling my sodden labia and fingering my vaginal canal. I could feel my own lubricant running in rivulets down the inside of both my thighs. He pulled my split legs up onto each of his shoulders and I slumped into the bar chair, giving him complete access to my gaping pussy. As his finger thrusts into my vagina became more intense I began to feel my vaginal muscles contract with each thrust and my abdominal muscles tighten as I began to feel myself slipping into a vaginal orgasm. I could see Pete jerking off a seriously rigid cock right in front of me and Matt's buddy jerking off beside me. A girl behind me said that she though we were all about to come. She wasn't wrong-being watched was such a turn on. I felt my legs twitch and my vagina contract as bolts of electricity shot from my clit to my nipples. I writhed and moaned. Pete grunted and shot a long spurt over the bar and Matt's buddy came, moaning and shooting spurts of cum onto my thigh and the floor. After a moment, Pete put a roll of paper towels on the bar for us to clean up, and we all laughed. Allison came over and sat down, using a paper towel to clean her lubricant from her thighs and Roger's cum from her legs. I did much the same.

On the way to the ladies room we ran into two very cute guys in desperate need to attention. They had been jerking off to two girls who had been fingering each other in a booth but who had no interest in the cute guys. Allison and I both went up to them and replaced our hands on their cocks with ours until they came. Taking to a nearby booth, both guys responded by fingering us until we both orgasmed, legs across theirs and tits out of our blouses, as we could hear the two girls coming in the adjacent booth. After we all came, we introduced ourselves.

Allison and I both left together, gathering the rest of our apparel from the lockers and reluctantly getting fully dressed before finding the car, wobbling as we walked. On the way back home we talked about what a blast the 'Bottomless' party had been and realized that the great part about had been that while being bottomless had taken away quite a few inhibitions and given license to the freedom to get off and get each other off openly but the maintenance of clothing above the waist had reduced the sense of feeling vulnerable from complete nakedness and maintain some distance we chose to do so. It made a great article in my paper and produced endless follow up articles, as well as quite a few 'bottomless' party invites. Attend one near you! XX




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