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Clothing Optional

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Many European men means lots of uncut cock.


Most of the guys around the "clothing optional" pool area chose the "no clothing" option. I dropped the towel from around my waist and joined them in their nakedness. Lying on the pool lounger beside me was a beautifully bronzed ass with a scorpion tattooed on the left cheek. I will call him Scorpio. He rolled over onto his back exposing a long limp uncut cock. Our furtive glances at each others' cocks turned into long lascivious stares. Finally Scorpio smiled and nodded approvingly as we caught each other looking. We were about half hard from the visual stimulation. With a hardening dick, Scorpio slipped on a pair of speedo's. His generous package bulged with restraint in the tight fit. He scribbles something on the back of a business card which identified him as the travel editor of a mens' magazine. The message read; cabin six at eight. I considered it an invitation. I didn't bother covering up with the towel and just returned to my room.

My cock had reached it full dimensions but was still limp enough it pointed towards the ground. I got a compliment on my cock as I passed a chubby naked guy with a short fat cock. The curtains in cabin six were parted about a foot. I could see through the space in the curtains Scorpio lying on his bed. He was naked and gently fondling his long limp dick. I knocked on the door but Scorpio had already seen me through the window. He invited me in. As he made no attempt to cover up, I took that as an invitation to get naked too. I took off my cotton scrub pants. That is all I wore. It was warm in South Florida. I took a towel off the back of the chair and placed it on the seat as a sanitation measure. We exchanged names. Scorpio had a very British accent. I also learned he had an aversion to smegma and preferred to suck only uncut cock. He had decided that three days around all these uncut Europeans was enough and he had finally found a cut cock worth sucking, mine. I assured him that my cock was certainly available but didn't know if I could reciprocate. I had never sucked an uncut cock. Most of my friends were circumcised Americans.

Scorpio went to the bathroom and in the mirror reflection I could see him thoroughly washing his crotch. His aversion to smegma had caused him to become compulsive when it came to genital hygiene. He returned to the bed lying on his side. He motioned for me to join him. I sat on the edge of his bed with my feet on the floor. My knees were slightly spread and my cock was beginning to harden. My cock would jerk a little bit harder with each heart beat. Now hard, it just bounces a little with each heart beat.

We each begin to slowly stroke our own cocks. Idle but revealing conversation ensued. Scorpio had a lightly veined cock. He claimed 18 cm (seven inches) in length and 13 cm (five inches) in circumference. He had a very long foreskin hanging from the end of his glans. This long puckered foreskin was a site to behold. I wanted to explore his foreskin and what was inside it. He had a large hairy scrotum that held two walnut sizes nuts that he let me gently fondle between my fingers. His lush bush was bleached by the same sun that had bronzed his tight shapely ass.

I moved my hand from his taint area and moved to his cock. He relinquished his hold on his cock to me. It was rock hard. I grabbed his cock near the head and peeled the skin back until the purple shiny mushroom appeared. First time I had seen it. I wasn't disappointed.

Scorpio expressed his interest in my cock. Of course being cut was a priority but he was also fascinated by the chubbiness of my cock. My cock is six and a half inches (16.5 cm) long and six inches (15cm) circumference. Average length but fatter than normal. My cock is heavily veined with large purple surface veins bulging from the shaft on erection that seem to get even bulgier on orgasm. I have a low loose circumcision with a lot of loose skin on the shaft and a fold of residual foreskin abutting a nicely flared coronal ridge. Makes for good masturbation and looks good for a cut cock. My cock head is helmet shaped (it made for very good sucking according to my new friend.) My bag usually hangs low, below my cock, which is a grower.

I prefer mutual contact masturbation. Scorpio was about to introduce me something I had yet to try. Scorpio gently pushed on my chest while suggesting I lay down. I did with my head at the foot of the bed. Scorpio laid down with his head pointing in the opposite direction of mine. He reached over and grabbed my thighs and rolled me onto my side, I did not resist. We we lying on our sides facing each other with our heads pointing in opposite directions. With a slight adjustment by Scorpio, my dick was now at the level of his mouth and his dick was at the level of my mouth. It finally dawned on me that we were in the 69 position.

We each fondled the other's cock. Mine was raging hard and was leaking precum that Scorpio swirled around my pink throbbing head. I peeled back Scorpio's generous foreskin and exposed his purple shiny head. A faint musky aroma came from Scorpio's cock that was some how erotically stimulating. It could only come from an uncut cock. I knew that a blowjob was coming. Scorpio had already slipped my cock into his mouth without me noticing. I had been preoccupied by his gorgeous member. Scorpio removed my cock long enough to relieve me of any responsibility for sucking his cock. He even suggested I could leave it (his head) covered if I wanted to join him in his fellatio fetish.

He put my cock back in his mouth and went back to sucking and licking my dick with purpose. In defiance I peeled back Scorpio's foreskin and milked the length of his shaft, producing a stream of precum that drooled down his warm wet cock head. I licked up the precum and in the same motion put his exposed glans in my mouth. This elicited a long moan from my 69 partner. I had sucked cock before so I was fairly proficient at it. I had never sucked uncut before but it was better than I had imagined. The intact penis made for more possibilities when it came to sucking. I nibbled on the foreskin which seemed to drive Scorpio nuts. I slipped my tongue under the foreskin which gave me the strange sensation of eating pussy.

I grabbed Scorpio's butt about where the tattoo was and pulled his crotch closer and tighter. I went to work on his long smooth member. I was confused. I could not focus on my own cock while I was overwhelmed by the rush I got from sucking his long smooth cock with the slick wet head. Slurping sounds with every stroke towards that purple head leaking precum.

Scorpio took my dick out of his mouth and started pounding it furiously with his fist. It was then that I became aware of my aching nuts and my cock head pulsating with the urge to orgasm. I took my cock back and held it firmly at the base. I wanted to delay orgasm as long as possible. I am very good at edging and now was the time to edge.

We laid on the bed for a few minutes. Our cocks began to soften. Mine was reacting to overstimulation. We put each of our now half hard cocks in the other's mouth. Scorpio's half hard cock in my mouth was a horny sensation. I felt my cock in his mouth growing with each gentle suck, like he was sucking blood into my cock. I asked him to finish me of in his mouth.

Without taking my cock out of his mouth, he mumbled something to the affirmative. We sucked and edged for at least an hour. We even devised a system for alerting the other when cumming was imminent. A tap on the ass meant "I'm about to cum and need to edge." We agreed that the next time we would "shoot our rocks." By now I was able to enjoy being on the receiving end. I would close my eyes and concentrate on my own cock. I would pretend that the cock in my mouth was in fact my own cock. This mind game allowed me to enjoy my own blowjob while savoring the cock in my mouth as my own.

I felt Scorpio's head swell in waves in my mouth. I had to decide, was I going to let him cum in my mouth? Was I going to swallow? About this time a large load of warm sweet cum filled my mouth. I swallowed hard. I kept his cock in my mouth. My cock began to heave with waves that would finally lead to an orgasm like never before. As I sucked the last few drops of cum from Scorpio's handsome cock, my cock exploded with three long shots each accompanied by an orgasmic wave through my whole body. Scorpio took the load in his mouth and swallowed hard.

We both laid back on the bed. Nothing was said. Through the curtains that were still parted, a small audience had developed. Three guys had been watching. I mentioned this to Scorpio. He said he knew. It seems at the resort if you leave your curtains open it means you are inviting an audience. I didn't mind being watched. I'm an exhibitionist I guess.

Scorpio invited the two remaining voyeurs in. They offered us beers. We accepted. The next three hours were spent in mutual masturbation with our peeping toms. They were European with uncut cocks. These guys also found my cut cock a novelty. I was pounded and pumped by three uncut cocks that would provide my next adventure.



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