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Clothes Shopping and the Wrong Underwear

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What can I say I'm a pretty horny girl. I like to masturbate all the time and I like to do kinky things that turn me on. Sometimes I don't wear underwear when I wear skirts ( the skirts are kinda long, I'm not that big of a slut) or I have these crochless underwear I like to wear to work. Well last Monday I decided to wear my crochless underwear, Reason 1: to make me feel kinky, reason two: it was kinda the only thing that was clean.

So I went about my day wearing my underwear, when I got off work my friend Amanda wanted to go to the mall to find a new swim suit. So I agreed and we went into JC Pennies. I hadn't expected to find anything, but I happened to see a shirt and skirt I liked so I went into the dressing room to change. Amanda followed me with a cute top that she wanted to try on. I walked up to the dressing room lady and was about to ask for a room when Amanda cut in front of me and was all like 'we need one room, like the handicap one so we can both change.' The lady didn't seem to care but when I heard Amanda say that I froze up. I instantly remembered my underwear and that I was going to be trying on a skirt! The lady pointed us to the stall and Amanda went right on in, I was walking slowly trying my hardest to think of an excuse not to change. I know Amanda didn't care about changing in front of people, she always changes in front me; she is definitely the opposite of modest. Which I'm sure men love about her, me... I am not.

Well we both got into the stall and Amanda immediately took off her shirt, I pretended to take mine off but stopped and told her that I didn't feel comfortable and that I was wearing a thong that I didn't want her to see (I lied). Well Amanda the hands on type that she is, was all 'oh yeah sure, so thats where my other thong went to'and right then she pantsed me! I was soo embarrassed. Amanda was too. I don't know why I didn't pull my pants right back up when she pantsed me though. I was embarrassed but she just kept looking at my pussy, and it was turning me on. I joked around and was like 'what you've never seen one so hot?'

Amanda looked at me with a serious face and asked if she could touch it. I was shocked! Amanda is a pretty hot chick, with a bf every 5 sec. And she wanted me? I of course said yes. Amanda came right up to me reached down and started to rub my clit, she knew exactly what she was doing. I remember I was breathing so hard right before she kissed me. I couldn't believe how far she was going, I opened my mouth and she pushed her tongue deep in my mouth. I was so horny that I slid my hand up and under her bra. Amanda is a C cup just like me, but I had never touched anyone's breast besides mine. I felt around and found her nipple so I pinched it a little. This made me so hot that I sat down on the bench. Amanda took my pants all the way off and told me to spread my legs more, so I did.

Amanda then got on her knees, that's when she spread my pussy lips apart, stuck 2 fingers in me and started moving them in and out of me. Amanda started to rub my clit with her other hand really quick. I was going insane! It felt so good; I didn't even care about the changing lady. But still I didn't moan just in case. I could hear the sound of her fingers moving in and out of me and all my juices. I looked at the mirror and could see Amanda and her fingers all the way inside me. Finally I couldn't take anymore and I slammed my legs shut with Amanda's hand still inside me. I could feel my climax all the way up my back! It was awesome! I remember Amanda smiled at me and I spread my legs a little when she finally took her fingers out. 'Oh my god Amanda you're so fucking crazy sexy!'

Amanda was breathing heavy too she was all like 'I know, let's get outta her and go back to my house.' I stupidly asked what about the clothes and my mess. Amanda was all 'are you seriously gonna be thinking about the mess? The closest lady will clean it up.' I think the idea of the changing room lady walking in and seeing the mess we made really turned Amanda on. Me, I just wanted to get out of there, I know there wasn't anyone in the stalls next to us or maybe in the whole dressing room but I didn't want to stick around if there were. We both got dressed and got outta there by the time we got outside we were both running to the car. What we did next is a whole other story. :-D

I've asked Amanda why all of a sudden she wanted to get with me and she just said because she hadn't gotten any in a while. So I guess now were friends with benefits!



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