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Close Call Opened My Eyes

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I'm going to be making up all the names I mention in this story but the story itself is not made up.

When I was eighteen my best friend ended up being a boy named Christopher, he was four years younger than me, about fourteen when I met him.

We became best friends soon after he moved into my neighborhood and we didn't look 'weird' together because Christopher was a bit tall for a fourteen-year-old and I had been told that I could still pass for a high school freshman when clean shaven.

My parents nor Christopher's parents minded the fact that we hung out together despite me being almost twenty and him just barely out of junior high.

I spent the night at Christopher's house one night and the talk never got around to sex but I remember him asking what I wanted to do the next day and I said it doesn't matter I liked spontaneity. Christopher pulled his shorts down and his shirt up and then asked if that was spontaneous enough.

He did that and I was completely boned but he started up playing a video game like it was no big deal. It didn't surprise me that he flashed me because he was a practical joker but it did surprise me that I was so turned on and I decided to drop my shorts and see what Christopher would do.

Long story short that night after I dropped my pants for a brief exposure things escalated into us touching each other and playing sexual games.

I felt weird after ejaculating and told Christopher that we shouldn't do this and normally after he was done ejaculating he would agree. No matter how many times we promised to stop we always 'fooled around' again and that became a major part of our friendship.

One day Christopher told me that I wasn't doing anything wrong and if we didn't jack off together he would be doing it with someone else so in his words; it wasn't like I was making him do anything he didn't want to, so I should relax.

I wanted to keep the fact that we jacked off together a secret particularly because I knew the consequences if we were caught so I was worried when Christopher informed me that he told one of his friends what we did and had invited him to do it with us.

His friend Patrick, was a year younger than he was so I wasn't too thrilled at first about having a jack off session, but when the three of us got alone and his friend Patrick masturbated openly, I couldn't take my eyes off of his brown (Patrick was a dark hispanic), uncircumcised penis and both Patrick and Christopher, very easily got me to join them.

This was going on in Patrick's house by the way. We were just finishing up a session and all of a sudden the door opens but Patrick's mom didn't see anything but I know she suspected something.

After that I was so nervous that Patrick's mom would start talking to other mothers and make me out to be a bad guy.

If Patrick and Christopher were caught jacking off together sure it would be awkward but if I got caught with them I could end up in jail. I thought about that and as much as I wanted to, refused to join in any sex games with Patrick or Christopher.

Looking back I wish I did continue on sometimes but on the other hand I am so glad that I only had a close call because my life could be so different today.



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