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Close Call

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I love the articles about women jacking their men. My boyfriend Wes is a fairly big guy. We have sex whenever possible. About four times a week I guess. I asked him if he masturbates. He said he didn't.

One evening we were alone at my house. My parents and younger brother had gone out for a while. As we sat and watched a movie I reached into Wes's jeans and pulled out his cock. He looked at me with a touch of surprise. I can't describe the power of having a limp cock grow in your hand. It went from sponge-soft to rock-hard. From a little weenie to seven-inches. All in a second. I'm sure the fellas know what I'm talking about, maybe some women.

He asked me, 'Wanna go up to your room?' I said, 'This is fine'. I held it with a loose grip and stroked slowly. We continued to watch our movie. I've sucked Wes several times. Having him in my hand was very different. I never realized his size. His tip had a tiny bead of pre-cum. I took my thumb and swirled it around his slit. The head flared and looked like a purple helmet. I know that sounds like a cliche but I had never seen it. I very slowly stroked him up and down. From his tip to his balls. Wes leaned back and let out a low moan. I whispered, 'I love you Bear'. He stuttered, 'I-I-I-love y-you too.' I knew I had him.

I sat up on my knees,leaned down and lifted up his shirt. I licked my tongue in and around his belly button. Being on my knees I clinched my thighs together. I was soaking wet. The pressure my thighs had on my clit was making me tingle but not orgasm strength. Wes let out a deep breath. I stroked him faster. I rotated my wrist as I went up and down. I think they call it 'barber pole style'. He liked that alot. I noticed a flash of light in the window. Either my parents or brother pulled into driveway. Wes whispered, 'Oh shit'. I pumped him as fast as I could. I knew I had at least three minutes because we park our cars in our garage and the door has to open. I raised up and stared into his eyes, which were half-closed. His body began to twitch. He was so close and so was the garage guest(s). I continued to stare at him. His face was flush with a thin film of sweat. I whispered, 'Feels good? Cum for me. Cum for me. Make this big cock squirt.'

The car doors closed. That meant it was my parents! I had a few minutes before they came thru the kitchen entrance and into the living room. Wes tensed up and clenched his teeth. I knew. I got a firm grip and pumped super fast. His eyes opened as wide as his mouth. It wasn't funny at the moment but he squealed like a little girl. I could hear the keys open the kitchen door along with a, 'Shh!' and a low female giggle. My brother was sneaking in a girl.

Wes's cock swelled. His body did a convulsion thing. I continued to watch his face. I love watching orgasmic facial expressions. I had no idea where the first blast of cum went. I was sure it shot far. But I did feel the creamy warmth of the following sqirts on my wrist and fingers. I hurried and covered his crotch with a throw pillow just as my brother poked his head in the room and said, 'Hi Sis. Hi Wes.' Wes just nodded his head. Then my brother hurried upstairs with the blur of a female behind him. Wes and I looked at each other and laughed a nervous laugh. I held up my sticky hand and put it to his face. 'Wanna taste?' I asked. He said, 'Ewww'. I licked my fingers clean. He liked that. He zipped his jeans and said 'I need to go home and clean up this mess.' And yes, he had a small mess.

My parents pulled up and came inside. Wes and my father exchanged handshakes and he hugged my mom. I had a silent giggle as I noticed a wet spot on his thigh. I don't think the parents saw it. I walked Wes to the door and gave him the usual deep French smooch. Then I asked 'How did your cum taste?' He smiled. After he left, I found the cum shot. I was pretending to search for an earring and I found it on the arm of the sofa. I fluffed the pillows over the spot.

I went to my room and changed into my evening wear. Yes, my panties were wet. I took them off and placed them by my pillow for sniffing purposes. I imagined what my brother and his girlfriend were doing. I know he had his hand over her mouth. I also re-played the look and feel of Wes during our close call. And were my parents going at it too? For them, going out to dinner leads to a romantic finale. I fingered myself to a few orgasms and a well rested night of sleep.

As for Wes jacking off. I know he does.



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