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In the past few months I have discovered the extraordinary sensation of stroking my cock while wearing my rather large wife's panties. The amount of cum that I have shot into her soft, silky underpants has surprised me quite a bit. Suffice it to say that cumming in my wife's drawers really turns me on!

Some days I get home well before my wife, and I often take advantage of my time alone to read Solo Touch and watch some videos on the internet. Today was a day that my wife was to arrive home about 8:30pm, so I cuddled up to my laptop to enjoy my usual home alone routine.

The usual videos of more traditional heterosexual acts are ok, but this particular site also offers gay sex as well as masturbation. A couple of the masturbation videos really got me going!

In one video, a very slightly over the hill guy with a beautifully long, slender, uncut cock and shaved balls jacked himself to an explosive climax with cum spewing from his dick in more of a powerful spray than the usual spurt! He just kept cumming and cumming in such a glorious way that I wanted to follow suit!

The second video showed a man who looked to be a bit older than the first with a cock that was perhaps a tad shorter, but surely larger around. What I found fascinating about this man was how he seemed to just gently twirl his fingers on the shaft of his hard dick just below the head. At no time did he grab or stroke his pole in the usual manner, but just almost imperceptibly rubbed it with only the tips of his finges in a very short, rotating manner until, all of the sudden with no change in his motion, he spewed some of the thickest sperm I have ever seen in person or in any medium. You could hear his heavy cum splash on the floor as gob after gooey gob oozed from his dick.

After having stroked my only cock for more than an hour, I resolved to treat myself to the pleasure of a power orgasm into my wife's panties. Off I went to the clothes hamper!

We have been married for a good many years, and during that time my wife and I have both gained weight-she more than I. To give you an idea, she probably weighs more than 250 pounds, perhaps as much as 300. She doesn't allow me to see the scales and her weight is not an open topic of discussion. At any rate, she bought several new panties recently, and there just happened to be a pair of those in the hamper. I eagerly removed the pants that I had worn to work that day and tore off my own underwear so that I could don her silky panties.

I strode out to our living room wearing a pair of pale yellow panties that were just a bit loose on me. The size allowed me to stroke my rod freely and gave plenty of room for my erection. Now fully focused on jacking off to yet another mind blowing orgasm, I only faintly heard what sounded like the sound of my wife's car when she activates the alarm. I looked out the window in our front door to see my wife walking toward the house!

As quickly as I could, I ran back to our bedroom, got out of my wife's panties, threw them back in the hamper, put my underwear and pants back on and ran to the door just as my wife got there! As I greeted her, she said, 'You seem like you're out of breath!' I told her it was just because I had been doing laundry . . .



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