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My name is Bonnie aged 21, and my husband Larry aged 22, have been together since I was 17, he is a wonderful man and the only one that I've been sexually involved with. Over the last five years we have had a very active and interesting sex life. We have a nice collection of toys for him and I, and we have played out different fantasies, roll playing, BDSM, etc.

Last month we went over to Mom and Dads for a small birthday party for Dad. My sister Tina, aged 19, was home from college for the weekend. We all changed into our bathing suits and got in the hot tub. We all had a great time and after dinner Larry and I went home. That evening he seemed really horny and we had a very good night.

Two days later I had a meeting after work and I told Larry to get himself something to eat, that it would be late until I got home. Well the meeting only lasted for two hours, I rushed home thinking we could go out for dinner together. Larry was in the den and didn't hear me coming in, I thought I would surprise him. I'm the one that got the surprise! Larry was sitting there with a red pair of thongs held to his face and was jacking off. After a couple of minutes he stood up and started to jack off harder, he shot his cum into the thongs. I knew the thongs didn't belong to me but belonged to Tina. They were the ones she had on at the party, Larry must have taken them when he went to change clothes.

I slammed the back door shut and called out to Larry, he said he was in the den. I walked in and gave him a kiss, I reached in his pants and gave his cock a little squeeze, I could feel a wet spot on his shorts. I told him to change and that we were going out for dinner. While Larry was changing I found the thongs in the desk drawer. They were soaked, he had shot a huge load of cum in them and for all I knew a lot of slobbers too. I didn't say anything to him about what I saw, I wanted to surprise him.

Ten days passed and I got the parcel that I was waiting for. I ordered a chastity device for Larry and a Clone-A-Dick for me. On Thursday evening I put the cock and ball strap on Larry's cock and pulled it tight, It always makes him bigger and harder, then I made a clone of his cock. I used a vibrator on my pussy and jacked Larry off, that's all we did.

Friday morning after Larry got out of the shower, I showed him the chastity device and I locked it on his cock. He said it felt different and that we would play with it later, he had to get ready for work. I surprised him by telling him he had to wear it to work, he said 'fine give me the keys.' No way was he getting the keys. he called me a couple times that day telling me it was a little uncomfortable and he had to sit down to piss. I told him 'tough luck.' When he got home he asked for the key, I showed him the red thong and told him what I saw him doing. He was at a loss for words.

For the next five days I had all the fun and Larry was in hell. The clone I made of his cock really did look like the real thing. I rode it as Larry watched, I think I used all my toys that week, I know I had at least one orgasm per day, Larry zero.

Wednesday I got home before Larry and changed into a black garter belt, black stockings, and high heel boots. That's how I met Larry at the door. I dangled the key and in no time he was out of his clothes. We went into the den, I made him finger my pussy, telling him I would unlock him only after he made me cum. He did that and I unlocked the device. His cock got hard right away and he wanted to fuck. I handed him the red thong and told him to jack off cause he wasn't getting any pussy. He jacked off for a few minutes and shot a gallon of cum into them. I asked if he had learnt his lesson? He assured me he had. We'll see!!! Bonnie



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