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Climbing a Light Pole

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Hope you enjoy this true story.


When I was around 13, I used to come to Houston and stay a week with my Aunt Marie. They lived in Montrose in Houston on Elgin street. They rented an apartment in a four plex. My Uncle would work during the days and I would stay with my Aunt. Usually I would go outside and fart around playing and stuff. Next to my Aunt's place was a parking lot and they had these light poles here and there.

Well what can I say, I didn't have any of my toys or junk to play with so basically I must have been pretty bored. I thought well I will just climb that pole, so up I started. I guess I got about three feet up the pole and the most wonderful tickling feeling from deep inside me and down between my legs overcame me and I was pulsating it was tremendous. I felt weak and somewhat scared because I had never felt that before, so I jumped off the pole and stood there and caught my breath for a minute or so.

The feeling subsided so I thought I would try it again so up I went and the same thing happened again, but this time I clung to the pole as my cock and balls just exploded into one dry orgasm after another. I had no earthly idea what the hell was happening, but it sure felt great. As soon as it stopped again I thought I would climb up higher and see if it happened again. Up I went and damn the feelings were more intense, I think that the higher I got off the ground the more scared I got and the tighter I squeezed my legs, anyway by now I am about fifteen feet from the ground and could barely hold onto the pole as I would shudder from one dry orgasm through the next.

Finally I could not take anymore and was feeling weak and afraid I would fall off the pole so I slowly came down. I had to sit on the ground and catch my breath and regain some of my strength. I was literally weak as a kitten. That was all of the exploring I did that day, but I did repeat the process again the next day. I remember wondering what was going on. I had led a pretty sheltered life and had no idea what had happened down between my legs. It is amazing how innocent and stupid we are as kids. Looking back in today's climate it is surprising to see how stupid we were back then. Hope you enjoyed the story, of course it's true let me know if you have had similar experiences. Thanks



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