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Climb into the Backseat

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Guess this is why the back seats of my car fold down.


A few years back I was home in CA for the summer between college and getting a job in the real world. I had started dating a girl I had met at school back in NJ (we'll call her Jane), and since she had never been to CA before, I told her she should come out to visit for a few days. Over the weeks we had been apart we had talked on the phone and online, and we both knew how horny we'd be and what a relief it'd be to see each other again; so I had to find a nice place to go and park my car, since fooling around at home with the parents in the house was a no-go.

Well, her flight got in that first evening and I went to pick her up, then figured before we go anywhere she'd better see the family so they don't get too suspicious of things. A friend of mine worked at a mall nearby, so I figured we'd go see him as an excuse to get out of the house for a while. Fortunately, he wasn't at work that night, so we drove around for a bit. The mall was located on a peninsula that sticks into the ocean, with nice cliffs over-looking the water, and I thought this would be a great place to park for a while. Of course, being that it has great views, there are nice houses and rich folks up there, but it was late and I'm sure no one would mind if Jane and I fogged up the windows of my car for a bit.

We pulled up to a spot on one of the roads that has houses on one side, and a little park that drops off the water below, so we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks. We both hopped into the back seat of my car and lowered the seats a bit to be more comfortable, and then let our bodies go at each other. It had been over a month since we'd seen each other, so being back in each other's arms was great.

One thing lead to another and next thing I know I got her down to her bra and panties, and she's begging for more. Now, off comes the bra and I start caressing her body as I can tell she's aching for me to start fingering her. I like to tease her, so I start slowly at first, but then as she's moaning I speed up playing with her clitoris and sticking a finger deep inside her. While being the back seat doesn't have as much room as a bed, we both enjoyed making her scream out in ecstasy.

After a while we realize she's probably not going to reach a full orgasm (stupid medicine she was taking), so we slow down a bit and let her body get back to normal. As we're back to making out and she's putting her clothes on, a local security patrol car comes by and flashes his light in our car while he drives by. Boy, that really got our hearts racing, but he drove on, and we got back our deep kisses for each other. Jane turns to me now and says it's my turn to enjoy what she can offer. So, she unbuttons my shirt as we're still kissing, and slowly runs her hands up and down my chest. She then moves slowly towards my belt, undoes the buckle, unbuttons my pants and slowly slides them down my leg. Now my hardon is sticking up in my boxers and she looks down at it saying she's going have to do something about it. She gently pulls it out of the fly (best to keep them on in case security patrol comes back), and begins to jack me off. Her hands felt so smooth on my penis, and I had missed her touch the weeks we had been apart.

She had me lay back on the seat as she worked away, looking deep into my eyes making sure I was enjoying every motion of her hand. Fortunately, I had so much pre-cum, she was able to use it as a great lube instead of the commercial stuff I had brought to use on each of us. Jane is great at alternating between slow and fast, and working on the head and then the shaft, even reaching into my boxers and fondling my sack. Soon enough I could tell I was getting close. Not knowing where to shoot, I suggested she pull out a condom I had so that I could shoot into that (we were both virgins at the time, but you never know where things could lead). She took a break from me for a second to undo the wrapping, then slid the latex over my still throbbing penis, and continued her magic touch. Finally, after a few more minutes of pumping away, my body tensed up and I filled the head of the condom as I came with pleasure. After I regained myself, I rolled the condom up as Jane smiled at me, knowing she had done a great job. We found a napkin or two in my car to clean myself up and dispose of the condom in, then I fixed up my clothes and we climbed back into the front seat of the car to drive home.

We just had to wait a few minutes while the defroster un-fogged all the windows so I could safely drive back without driving off a cliff.

Happy jackin' and jillin'!



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