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Clever Girlfriend Gets Results

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My boyfriend and I have shared a sexual relationship for over a year now, but since we live three hours apart, we only get to see each other one weekend a month, maybe two if we're lucky. To maintain our sanity, or perhaps to test it, we send each other sexually explicit emails, which increase in number and intensity the closer we get to a visit. I usually start the raunchiness; he loves to watch me masturbate, so I'll mention, at a random part of an otherwise average-day email, that he missed an awesome orgasm. Then I describe exactly how I made myself cum. His replies are equally as erotic, and the results of these emails are 2 extra-horny, separated lovers who spend their weekends together naked and sweaty and happy in bed.
The masturbation emails didn't start on his part until this past summer, after we masturbated together for the first time. I had noticed that, though I had masturbated several times in front of him, I had rarely seen him touch himself. When he would go down on me, I could sometimes see him rubbing his dick, but whenever he caught me looking, he would smile and take his hand away. After sex once I mentioned the injustice, and he told me that he had never masturbated in front of a girl before. I have always loved to watch my past boyfriends/love interests masturbate, so I knew that this fact would have to change soon.
In the days before our next visit, I started my period. In past relationships, I had always been apprehensive about period sex, but in a LDR, one takes it when she can get it. And, I have to say, that my boyfriend is really great, for reasons even beyond his absence of menstration phobia. The first night of his visit, we were both horny but also very tired, and we'd have great sex then clean up and rest. By the third time, I was ready to go to sleep, so I put a tampon in, but I couldn't leave his dick alone, or my clit for that matter, and knowing that sex would be a bit inconvenient and tiring at that point, I got the astroglide and rubbed some on his dick. This produced the usual sexy groan from him, which made me rub my clit faster. The way my arms were situated, I couldn't get the rhythm right, and he put his hand over my hand and slid it closer to the head. As he did this, I slid my hand away, which with the generous dose of astroglide was easy to do, and left him holding his erect penis. I knew that he was too close now, after nearly three hours of arousal, to be inhibited, and much to my delight, he continued the slide, all the way up and over, then back down his shaft, while I tickled and squeezed his balls. We kissed and made a lot of eye contact, then I laid my head on his shoulder where I had a good view of him pulling his dick. I almost came watching him, but I wanted to wait for him so that he wouldn't be jerking off alone his first time, so I slowed my wet fingers to a rhythmic idle. About that time, he told me he was going to cum, and I sped my fingers up again. As I did, I watched the first of his cum flow from the tip of his penis over his fist. Then, it started shooting out over his belly and further, all the way up my arm to my shoulder. I felt my orgasm near as his was ending, and I began to moan and squirm. He turned his attention to me and pinched one nipple (which he knows I love) while sucking on the other (which, admittedly, I also love), and I had a strong, rather vocal orgasm. Since that first masturbating session, he has talked about his experiences a lot more, and both of us have been masturbating more than ever. We will see each other hopefully on Christmas night, and our raunchy emails barely died down from the last visit before they started again last week. Thanks to this site and all you contributors for your inspiration. Happy Holidays!



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