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Clean Shaven And Tied Up

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This experience happened to me when I visited my aunt back when I was 18. She was 35 and had just gotten divorced about 6 months earlier from her first husband. Since she didn't have any children of her own it was just the two of us in her house. After staying with her for almost a week I was in her bathroom and noticed a used pair of her panties. They were silky black panties and as I held them to my nose they smelt so musky. Since my aunt had gone to the store and I was there alone I pulled down my shorts and began stroking my cock. It was rock hard and throbbing as I continued to cover my face with her sexy panties while stroking my cock. Unfortunately I was so engrossed in jacking off that I did not hear my aunt coming back home. I had not closed the bathroom door and to my suprise my aunt was standing in the doorway watching me lick her panties and stroke my cock. As I began to put the panties behind my back and apologize to her she told me not to be ashamed. She walked over to me and softly wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock and continue to stroke me. She told me she knew I was a 'big boy' and told me I had a nice big cock. She then asked me if I had ever considered shaving my pubic area. I told her no and she asked if she could do it for me. My hard on was even more raging now and of course I told her yes. She lathered me up with the gel she used for her legs and gently began to shave my shaft then my balls. With each stroke of her razor my cock throbbed even harder and I had to hold back to keep from coming. She finished by shaving the pubic hair directly above my cock and then gently drying me off with a towel.
As my aunt began to stroke my now shaven cock I couldn't believe how smooth and sexy I felt. She stated she needed a little lubrication and dropped to her knees and began to lick my shaft and balls. My cock bounced and throbbed with every touch of her smooth tongue. Then she held the shaft with one hand and slowly enveloped my shaft with her warm receptive mouth. I was in heaven.
Just when I thought it could not get any better my aunt reached into her bathroom drawer and brought out some nylon hair 'scrunchies'. She proceeded to take two of these strecthy scrunchies and wrap them around the bottom of my shaft. The tightness was incredible and even more sensitive now that I was shaved. She took two more and wrapped them around my balls stretching them away from my shaft. As she continued to stroke me it thought I would pass out from the pleasurable yet painful feeling in my cock and balls. My aunt would repeatedly stroke me faster and faster and then slow down while squeezing my already tied up balls to hold back my load. After about 15 minutes of this she asked me if I was ready to come. All I could do was moan yes. To my suprise she held my cock right above her mouth and flicked my shaft with her velvet tongue. I did not know what she wanted to do with my load so I told her I was going to come. She only smiled and told me to go ahead. My first two pearly strands spurted from my cock and landed in her hair. My next two shots of come landed on her cheeks and in one of her eyes. As she continued to stroke me I came a few more times ending up covering most of her face. She again reached in her bathroom drawer and brought out a polaroid camera. She asked me if I wanted to remember our experience and I told her yes. She held my still hard cock next to her mouth and I took four quick pictures. As they developed I could not believe how sexy my aunt looked with my cock in her face and my come all over her face.
As I was getting packed to leave the next day my aunt brought me two of the pictures and asked me if I wanted to put them in my suitcase. She also brought me four used pair of her silky panties and told me she would love to know that I was jacking off with them once I arrived home. As she was talking to me my cock grew hard again and she began to feel it through my jeans. She asked if she could jack me off one more time before she took me to the airport. I told her yes of course and she told me she had a suprise for me. As I took off my clothes she handed me a clean pair of her panties and asked me to put them on. I hesitated but with my cock throbbing already I told her okay. As the silk fabric stretched across my cock my aunt continued to rub my cock through the panties. To my suprise she took a pair of scissors and told me she was going to cut me out a small hole. Although I was not fond of her holding these scissors so close to my hard cock but she cut a small slit so that my cock and balls could stick out. The tightness of her panties against my body and my cock sticking straight out was turning me on even more. She gently stroked my cock and it seemed to grow even harder than before. She told me she wanted me to wear this pair of panties from time to time once I got home so she could think about my hard cock sticking out of them. Her talking to me while stroking my cock got me hot and I began to spurt my load onto her bathroom vanity. Suprisingly I seemed to come just as much as the day before and she kept stroking me until she drained me dry.
I haven't been back to visit my aunt but I did wear her panties often and I jacked off seemingly hundreds of times using her dirty panties.



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