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Circle of Life - Moms and Daughters

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I began to masturbate shortly after my mother gave me 'the talk' when I was 13.

She told me about how my body was changing and how things worked, then got into how babies were made before telling me some pretty specific things about the act of sex and what boys would want to do to me. I remember asking my mother if it hurt when the man was inside you as I had heard from the other girls that it did. She blushed and said that it was a good feeling like when I touched myself but better. Not having really touched myself I had no idea of what she was talking about.

After talking about this with the other girls at school I began to experiment at home. Recalling what my mother said about the penis going in and out, that is what I tried to do using my fingers, just sliding one or two in and out. I would do this standing up with my knees bent and my legs open, sometimes leaning on the bathroom counter or the edge of my bed. I never did orgasm but it did feel good. I never tried to touch my clit and the times I did I would always stop before climax as it was too sensitive.

Later on when I was about 17 I had a girlfriend named Nancy. She and I started talking about sex and masturbation one night and she asked me what made me 'come'. She showed me how she masturbated by taking off her clothes and lying on her back with her legs open. I remember looking at her pink and hairy vagina as she rubbed her clit up and down with her fingers. When she came she pulled her legs together and bucked up and down so much I thought she was faking. She was so wet I was sure she had pissed herself. She made me lay down as rubbed me like she did. It was the first and only time another woman has ever touched me sexually. I did not come with Nancy but she taught me what my clit was for. Soon I was orgasming every night by rubbing my clit as well as moving my fingers in and out.

Two quick side stories:

My father passed on when I was young and my mom did not date or re-marry until many years later. I got pregnant in college and she moved close to me and looked after my daughter when I was finishing my masters. One afternoon I came home early to find my mother naked on the sofa, watching 'The Price is Right' while masturbating. She was so embarrassed; not so much that I had caught the in the act but that she was using an old vibrator from my bedside table. Many years later she told me that for most of her marriage my father was ill and could not make love and that she would masturbate two or three times a day.

My daughter, Amanda and I had 'the talk'. I was not surprised when she told me that she had been masturbating for a year or so. We had a very open and honest talk about sex and I set her straight on some things she thought she knew. She admitted to going through my things and 'fooling around' with some dildos I have. About a month ago she had just come home from a volleyball game after school and I was doing some laundry. Thinking she was in the bathroom; I sort of kicked her door open and walked in, something I never do. Amanda was nude, leaning over her dresser with one foot up on the top, moving her fingers in and out of her vagina rapidly. I had nowhere to go as the door had shut behind me. Amanda was so focused on her masturbating that she did not notice me at first, then she stood up, almost falling over, then hunched down for a moment as she came with a loud grunt. To my relief she just laughed and said that she 'needed to rub one out' as the tight volleyball shorts made her horny.

It was not until later that I realized that she was masturbating just like I did when I was her age.



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