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Cindy's Computer Dilemma

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A call for computer repair becomes something else...


One winters day after New Years Day in 2007 I received a phone call from a neighbor up the road who had known me since I was a child. Her name was Cindy and she was in her sixties, red hair, 5' 6" tall, and she worked out to keep in shape and it payed off! The call was to ask me up to help her with her computer. She was having issues with it going into slumber. I agree and showed up shortly after around 9:30 pm. She asked me in and she offered me wine. What surprised me was that she was wearing a nearly see through night gown!

I followed her upstairs to her computer room and sat in front of the computer and explained to her what happened and how to avoid and fix it. She asked me if I wanted another wine and darted off downstairs to fetch us both fresh glasses. The whole time I kept thinking about her generous cleavage show when she bent down to take my glass. She obviously was not wearing a bra and her 'D' cup breasts swayed as she moved to grab the glasses from the desk. I was fighting an already full erection which had crept down the leg of my khakis (I don't wear underwear ever).

When Cindy returned she took notice of my erection. 'You ok there? What triggered that thing to awake I wonder?' She giggled. 'Were you staring at my tits? I'm glad you were if your answer is yes.' I admitted I was. She quickly set down the glasses and pulled off her night gown to reveal her bare tits and erect nipples. And to my total shock she wasn't wearing any panties either! There was her fluffy red bush! What a hot package there before me. 'I think it's time to release the monster in your pants!'.

I stood up and dropped my trousers as my cock came flying straight out at full attention. Cindy purred with delight. She informed me that she's wanted this moment since I was 18 but her husband was still around then and she said it was worth the wait because I topped him. Cindy grabbed me by the cock and led me into the bedroom. She instructed me to lay on my back. She then climbed atop my legs and lubed her hands with skin conditioner and proceeded to stroke me up and down.

Leaning forward, Cindy squeezed her ample breasts around my pulsating cock and rubbed up and down. Wow! I never dreamed this woman could make me crazy with desire! 'Finger me! Finger me now!' she cried. I plunged two fingers into her and rubbed circles about her hard and large clit. Her bush was soaked between her legs! The scent drove me crazy. We kept up for another 10 minutes before we both came.

But Cindy wasn't finished just yet! After a few more minutes laying there lightly touching one another's bodies, Cindy rolled atop my body and whispered, 'Now comes the time to refresh ourselves in the hot tub!'. I could hear the lust in her voice and it aroused me immediately! So up we got and went to the covered porch to the awaiting hot tub. Now at the hot tub, Cindy climbs in slowly giving me full sight of her still beautiful tits and bush once again. 'Like what you see don't you?' I nodded in response. Her eyes were fixed on my hard cock. I stepped into the hot tub and sat down. Cindy slipped over next to me and then slowly whilst holding my cock got astride my lap. She pushed her tits in my face and I maneuvered them so I could pinch, lick and nibble her large and erect nipples.

Meanwhile Cindy was rubbing the head of my cock back and forth across her pussy lips and circling the head around her clit. It was amazing! We both moaned loudly and simultaneously. She grabbed my shoulders for support as she rubbed up and down against my stiff shaft. I thrust to meet her sliding strokes. Her tits were wagging in my face and on my chest driving me insane. I knew she was cumming because she dug her nails into my shoulder flesh and her breath came in pants. I came shortly after. We both sank low in the tub entwined together. Cindy and I had this going on for a year before she moved away and I miss it a lot.



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