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Church Summer Fair

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This is one of my strongest memories of playing with myself that still turns me on now because of just how turned on I was then! A few years ago, when I was 16/17 I went to church and was in the youth group. I had a major crush on one of the leaders, she was called Kay.


She was so hot, had a really great body, and didn't have a problem with showing it off, within reason. She was about 28/29 when I was in the youth group. Hearing her story she used to be a wild child, sleeping around a bit and drinking, before she became a Christian and some of her old habits like smoking and wearing revealing clothes seem to stick with her.

One really hot Saturday in July it was the church summer fair for a few hours in the afternoon and I went along to be a good girl and show my face. About my biggest turn on is going commando, I love it. Even wearing trousers I feel dirty, but wearing no knickers under a skirt I feel like such a slut and I love it. That day I was wearing a knee length skirt and strappy top and the thought of going commando at a church event was too delicious to resist.

I remember I'd not played with myself for a couple of days and I was already quite wet from walking there feeling the fresh air on my pussy, and then I saw Kay. She was wearing really short denim shorts and a light grey top that really hugged her boobs perfectly. I deliberately went to talk with my friend who was running a stand where I could basically stand and watch Kay, wearing big sunglasses meant I could stare largely unnoticed. I stood there watching her and running all sorts of scenarios around in my head.

I wanted to lift my skirt up and show her my pussy. I imagined lying down in the long grass of the graveyard, bunching my skirt around my waist and her crawling over to me and eating my cunt. I wanted to grab her hand and lead her around the back of the building and make out with her while she fingered me hard and deep. I wanted to walk up behind her and whisper in her ear what I wanted to do to her in really filthy language. I wanted to grab her ass in those tight shorts and, with her naked and on all fours, feast on her from behind.

I could feel my juices seeping out of my pussy and as I crossed and uncrossed my legs I could feel it spreading the juices on my thighs. Kay was doing the plants which involved a bit of manual handling and she was getting a bit sweaty which showed up on her grey top nicely and made her look even sexier. I steadily worked myself into a total haze. Every fibre in me wanted to touch my soaking wet cunt but I managed to resist for about an hour before I had to go to the toilets and do something about it.

As a final act I decided to walk over to her and say hi to her in my horny state. I walked up to her from behind and lightly hugged her from behind. Her perfume filled my nose mixed with her natural scent, and I actually moaned in pleasure with it which got me a strange look. I talked to her for a minute or two, all the while screaming "I want to fuck you so badly" in my head!

With her scent still fresh in my mind I pretty much ran to the toilet. I slammed the door and, standing up with my back against the door, I lifted my skirt and fingered myself for about 30 seconds before I came so hard I actually let out a loud grunt such was the force of the orgasm. Without stopping I kept on playing with myself, all the while staring at my reflection in the mirror and quietly talking dirty to myself. I called myself a whore for masturbating in church and told the air how desperate I was for Kay and what I would do with her. In no time at all I had a second phenomenal orgasm and slid to the floor after I came, legs splayed wide open, breathing heavily and juices coating the inside of my thighs. Slouched there with my pussy wantonly exposed, smelling so sexy I rested in my afterglow until someone tried the door and woke me from my daze.

I cleaned myself a bit, leaving plenty of juice on my legs and walked back to my friends stall. I stayed until the end and when I got back home, ran up to my room, and wonderfully naked played with myself until my parents got home, coming several times. I was so horny that day and it really stuck in my memory. From time to time I think back to that day as I make myself come.



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