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Church Camp

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This was amazing!


Ok so I was at a week long camp for a church. I didn't know anyone at this camp, so I was very nervous about meeting new people. Me and a kid name Billy hit it off right away. We spent the first day together doing activities and stuff. Well the second day of camp came and we were talking and we both decided to go to the showers because it was hot and the camp had no buildings with air conditioning.

We were sharing the camp with a camp for runners, and it was about 8:30 in the morning and the runners just got done with a morning work out. We went into the showers and when we got in we both were very surprised at what was in there. We walked in thinking there would be walls or curtains to seperate the showers, but nothing!!!

We went to the back where there were many benches and stripped down. I was next to Billy and another few guys at the running camp. All of the runners were just in compression shorts and so there were a lot of bulges to look at. I looked over and saw about 12 guys either drying off or waiting naked for a shower to open up.

There were 8 shower heads in a seperate square corner of the room and there was a line to get in. I was right behind Billy. Then behind me there was a tall blonde surfer looking kid and he tapped me and said will you scratch my back quick. I scratched his back and when he turned around I caught a glimpse of his 6' soft cock.

When I got into the showers I was next to Billy and that same kid that I helped when in line. Then there were about 12 more guys in line and they were complaining that people were taking too long.

I looked at Billy and he had a massive boner and was trying to hide it. Then he said ' if your gonna stare at it, then your gonna have to make it go away' I apologised and looked down and saw that I was getting one too. Then there was a camp director that said that people needed to hurry up or people were gonna need to double up in the showers. So the kid that I helped in line said well now that I have a boner and ya scratched my back I wouldn't mind sharing a shower, and he came right over to my shower head and shared it with me.

I was so excited that I couldn't comprehend what was going on so I just kept about my business and we obviously kept bumping into each other while trying to shower. at one point he accidentely bumped into my dick and then reached down and started stroking my dick. So I returned the favor and reached down without looking and felt a dick that was about 7' and about 6.5' around. We then both left after about a minute of jerking each other off.

We left the shower room and went back to dry off. I looked and Billy still had a boner, and we were taking long on purpose because we knew what we wanted to do, but couldn't with all of the other guys there. When it was just me Billy, and the other kid, we sat down and I reached over to billy's dick. I said holy cow your uncut, he said yeah I know I love it I don't ever need lube.

The other kid then stood up in front of us and I started to rub his dick too. His head was now getting reddish purple. He said that he hadn't jacked for a week and he needed to loose a load. Billy then started rubbing his balls, and they were the size a super bouncy balls. We rubbed him until he came right over our chests. We then stood up and he jacked us off until we came on him. We then showered again, and this happened for three days straight, until the running camp left:(

To this day I don't know that kid's name, and me and billy still are very good friends;)



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