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Church Cabin

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Christian guys can have a great time jacking-off together. Keep your hands to yourself.


My name is Mitchell and not long ago my roommate [Dylan] and I went to my house for the weekend and while we were there my dad [Logan] caught us jacking-off on the video surveillance that unknowingly to me had been installed in my room. My dad was so cool about the subject that neither Dylan nor I either one really felt any guilt about it, just a little embarrassment at the time. Well a couple of weekends after our being caught on camera Dylan, my brother Jake, and both of the youth pastors from our church Logan and Zachary and I went to our church's cabin at Gloretta, New Mexico for some hiking and biking. Logan and Zachary graduated last year from the same college that Dylan, Jake and I are currently attending. Dylan and I are twenty, Jake is twenty-one [a senior] and Logan and Zachary are both twenty-two. Now let me say that this trip was not a church trip it was just the five of us going up and using the church cabin for a weekend.

We got there late Friday night. Well our plans to hike and bike came to a sudden end before they got started because it rained the entire weekend. The only time that we left the cabin was to run down to the snack bar and get a burger or rent a DVD. Well after we got to the cabin and heard the weather forecast of rain, rain and more rain I knew that our weekend was going to need some entertainment. On the trip up to the cabin I had told the group about dad catching me and Dylan on the video and how cool he was about it all. My brother Jake very lovingly said 'you dumb ass - didn't you see the cameras.' This started us all talking about jacking-off and how much fun it is. Logan and Zachary shared the following: they shared a room in college for over two years before they started jacking-off around each other this was at the end of their junior year. Logan was in the shower jacking-off and Zachary looked over the top of the shower door and saw what he was doing. When Logan got out of the shower Zachary asked him why he never said anything about jacking-off and Zachary just told him 'I didn't think you ever jacked-off so I just kept it to myself.'

After a lengthy discussion that day they decided that they would do what most guys do and just jack-off at will and to stop hiding their normal sexual release. From that night on they jacked-off just about every night before going to sleep. Both guys said that they actually got along much better after knowing that the other one jacked-off. Hiding jacking-off can cause doubt and runs the possibility of causing gilt over something that is great fun and healthy for you. The lesson to learn from this is that all guys jack-off. If you don't want to spend your time hiding what is natural you need to talk about how you are going to handle jacking-off with your roommate. Remember if your roommate denies that he jacks-off he is probably just a 'damn liar.'

Now back to our weekend at the church cabin. As I have said we talked about jacking-off on the trip to the cabin and it began to rain before we got to the cabin so we were stuck in the cabin all weekend. When we got to the cabin we all got drenched from the rain and all of us had taken our clothes off and laid them in front of the wall heater in the kitchen area. Jake my brother was the first one of us to simply start taking his clothes off and draping them over the chairs so that they would dry. Jake is somewhat of an exhibitionist, let me put it this way he knows that he is good looking. When he got down to his red briefs they came off with everything else. This cleared the way for everybody else to 'get natural' and in just a few seconds you have five naked guys in the cabin. We had all brought a bedroll with us and we all grabbed a blanket and wrapped up in it. It was wonderful.

I know what I did was wrong, but the weekend that I was home when Dylan and I got caught on the home surveillance I took a couple of sample packs of pills from my dad's briefcase. My dad is a medical doctor and I have known that for a long time now he always brings home a few sample packets of pills each Friday and on Sunday he passes them out to the horny old guys at church. Well it just so happens that I still had those samples in my backpack and when we got to the cabin with nothing else to do I offered each of the guys one of those magic little pills. At first no one was sure that they wanted to take one of the pills. You know the advertisement warns about hardons that last longer than four hours and none of us wanted to have to go the emergency room because of a hard dick. After a few minutes the attitude was 'what the hell' and we all decided that it might be a lot of fun and all at once each of us took one of the pills and we all swallowed at the same time.

Now let me tell you. If you take five normal guys that are horny all of the time anyway and you give each one of them a tablet you have the horniest bunch of guys on the face of this earth. Normally, after you jack-off you have to wait a few minutes before you are hard again. Not with this one, once you shoot your load you go soft, but as soon as you touch your dick it is hard again. Man we did have a wonderful time. We all jacked-off in the living area, the dining area, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the shower, and out on the back porch. It was a lot of fun to see everybody with these continuous hardons. Now let me say another thing about a tablet induced hardon - you have more blood in your dick than you ever have had before, and you have the hardest hardon that you have ever had in your life - it was wonderful.

We left the cabin on Monday and I want you to know that my dick was sore until Thursday. I did not jack-off again until Friday morning - a real long time for me not to jack-off. Honestly, I would not suggest that anybody use tablets until they need it, but once was fun. A few things about this weekend, each of us are virgins, each of us jacked-off, not one of us touched another, and we all had a great time. None of us used pornography to help us get off, we just laid back and let our hands take us to one orgasm after another. I have jacked-off with my brother Jake for years, my best friends from church and my roommates at college. I am looking forward to getting married and having sons who I can teach that jacking-off is natural, fun and God's way of helping us remain virgins until our wedding nights and to keep us faithful to our wives after we are married. Yes, Christian young men can and do jack-off, and homosexual acts do not have to be part of their experience.



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