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Chronic Fondler

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I don't think of myself as a chronic masturbator, but maybe I am. We tend to think of a chronic masturbator as a guy who sits around jerking himself furiously and cumming multiple times a day. I do fondle myself although I usually don't finish, I prefer to save the actual climax for intercourse. But when I think about it, I guess I do touch myself a lot so I guess you could call me a chronic fondler.

When I wake in the morning and head for the bathroom to brush up and get ready for work I like to pull my penis out of my pj's and let it hang out. I'm uncircumsized so I like to toy with the foreskin and look at it in the mirror as I shave. I'll stroke it gently and get a little rise going. Sometimes I stroke it enough to get a full hard-on, just to feel that swelling sensation and maybe make sure it's still working ok. lol

I also hold on to myself at night. At times if I can't fall asleep I reach down and grab hold of my soft penis, which immediately begins to harden at my touch. I either stroke the shaft or maybe just rub the frenulum gently. Either way, I get a rhythm going that brings me close to the edge, but I pick a pace that starts those pleasurable sensations but not enough to drive me past the point of no return. The pleasure seems to have a relaxing effect and I know I'm starting to doze when I stop stroking without realizing it.

Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night with a raging hardon. Usually my foreskin has retracted and my dick has worked its way thru the open fly in my pj's, if I'm wearing any, and the most sensitive area of my glans rubs against the sheets. It feels very sensual and I love to reach down and feel the meaty-ness of the shaft and run my fingers over the swollen yet silky-soft helmet. I get very horny and it's very tempting to take it to the finish. If any time I do, the middle of the night would be it. I'll stroke myself slowly, feeling every ripple and vein with my fingers, getting my cock rock-hard. I try to remain relaxed as possible so as not to wake my girlfriend. But when I finally cum my body convulses involuntarily at the power of my climax. She has never woken up and I don't know what I'd do if she did. Maybe pretend I'm asleep and having a wet dream. lol It's a very sensual finish just to let my cock empty out onto my belly, rubbing it in until it dries, then falling back into a restful sleep. Other times, I get out of bed half asleep and go into the living room. I drop my drawers (if I'm wearing any) and sit on the couch, laying back and letting my cock and balls bob off the edge. The light of a nearby streetlight shines in on my cock and I watch as I stroke, enjoying the sight of my hard dick in the night light. Once or twice I've gone as far as to spread some massage oil over my dick. Even better to see it glistening in the light, and very sensual to hold back the foreskin and stroke a slippery shaft. I suppose if anyone were to look in my window they'd have quite a show and it makes me hornier to think so, but at 2:00 am I doubt anyone is watching. I stroke myself slowly from base to head, keeping myself on the edge for a while, stopping now and again to watch it throb and bob in the light. Finally I stroke myself slowly but with more purpose, letting myself go over the top and exploding in a wave of ecstacy.

I have a boring 1/2 hour commute on the highway and at the end of a long day at work I find myself reaching to my crotch and touching myself through my pants or underwear. Sometimes I'm undoing my fly as soon as I pull out of the parking lot. But by the time I reach the highway I usually have my penis worked thru the fly in my briefs. I fondle and stroke myself as I drive and feel my cock get half-hard sticking out of my pants. I think it has a calming effect on my driving as I touch and play with the foreskin, pulling it and stretching it out and then peeling it back to expose my head. It's difficult to get the foreskin retracted all the way to the base since I'm sitting in an upright position with my pants still on, so the skin pushes up at the base of my glans. I like to run my fingers around my helmet, feeling the curves and ridge as it's accentuated by my foreskin. Such a pleasurable feeling, both to feel the touch of my fingers on my cock as well as to explore the shape of my dick in my fingers. I usually stroke my frenulum til my cock gets fully hard, keeping it on the edge until I'm distracted by traffic. At times I produce a little precum. If so, I like to place a finger alongside the head and slide the foreskin back up over it. Then I swirl my finger around the head inside as the precum lubricates my finger. A trick I learned when I began playing with myself as a kid.

I drive a truck so most people can't see down into my lap. Unlike some, I would rather not get caught and I tend to cover up as I pass larger trucks and buses. But sometimes I fantasize about being watched by someone who is turned on by the sight of me playing with myself. It's intriguing to think about meeting a like-minded person, man or woman, and seeing where it would lead. Although I think I get as much aroused feeling the texture, hardness and warmth of my dick in my hands as I do feeling the sensations in my dick. I'm not sure how it would be to have someone else's hand on my dick. One of these days I'll have to try it and see.



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