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Christmas With My Family

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I'd been waiting so long for this moment, and it finally did.


Every Christmas, we have my moms whole family over for dinner. This year, we decided to invite my dad's mom. Now, she's a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to traveling, so as soon as school let out, I hopped on the bus and went for the four hour ride to help her hurry along. She procrastinated more, and we didn't end up getting to my house until like 3:30 on Chrismas eve. My mom's family was due to arrive at four. I threw my suitcase on the floor of my closet, and ripped it open, I grabbed a shirt from it and ran to the shower.

A few hours later, the party was in full swing. There was drinking, singing, and tons of laughter and gifts. Just then, a christmas surprise arrived. My uncels kids, who live with his wife had come to join us! I only see them like once every two years so I was thrilled. They're paternal twins, and opposite genders. Let me just say, Shane is HOT. Not like muscle hot, but hot in his own boyish looking way. He had been the subject of my fantasies for years. About an hour later, he started shaking. I guess everyone opening the door let cold air in, and he was cold.

Only wearing a t-shirt, he asked me if he could borrow a sweater. It was no problem because we were both the same age and size. So we went to my room. I opened the door to my closet, and grabbed him a sweater. As I turned around to hand it to him, I noticed him looking down.

I looked down and saw my opened suitcase, with pink boxer-briefs (laundry accident, don't ask) sitting right on top.

I started to look up at him and noticed he had a noticable bulge in his sweat pants. Within seconds, I was rock hard, and he was too. We quickly shut my bedroom door. 'Fuck!' he said.

We waited in my room for a long, awkward five minutes, but we were both still hard as could be.

He was wearing sweat pants, and I know he wears boxers, so his was noticable, cuzz it was pretty free. I on the other hand, was wearing briefs and tight dress pants, and my dick was so hard it was hurting as it pressed against the material trying to contain it.

'Well... we have to get rid of them one way or another, and I don't know about you, but I only know one way' I said. 'You dont mean...' he said as he gave his crotch a quick gesture. As he did, his hand hit his dick, and it bobbed around. 'Okay fine' he finally agreed.

I went in the dresser and pulled out a bottle of lotion. as I turned around, he dropped his sweat pants, and stood there in nothing but green and white american eagle boxers and his short shirt. He yanked the shirt over his head, exposing a totally smooth torso, and an absolutely adorable belly button. I quickly let my pants fall to the floor and undid the bottons of my dress shirt. He sat on the bed and watched me undress so intently, you'd swear he was watching his favourite band live. As I unbottoned my dress shirt, he started breathing fast. His hand was on his thigh, not QUITE at his dick yet. I realized what had him so excited. I was wearing a pretty small undershirt, and I had cut a horse shoe shape into the centre of the nickline so it didn't show under the open buttons of my shirt. As I took it off, I ran my hand through my hair, and I saw a small, pinkish reddish dot on his boxers. His cock had found its way through his fly.

Embarrassed by this exposure, he tried to cover up, but I just dropped by briefs. He quickly followed suit.

We stood there, admiring eachother for a minute. My cock was longer and thicker, and my balls hung lower. also I had more hair. He on the other hand, although he was only five months younger, had no hair, and smaller balls, and a cock of about 5.5 inches. Both of us were cut.

I layed on the bed, and he sat beside me. We lubed up, and were stroking perfectly in synch. He shot first, shooting a few small strands onto his thigh. This sent me over the edge, and I shot hot cum everywhere.

As we went to get dressed, he surprised me. He grabbed my underwear off the floor, and winked at me. I was shocked, but pretty turned on. So I slid into his boxers, and we got dressed and returned to the party, and no one was the wiser.



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