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Christmas With My Cousin

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Christmas two years ago was the first time I had met my cousin from Australia. My older sister and I were soooo excited to meet our cousin as he was only a few years older than us and would be staying in our room for almost 4 weeks and he was a BOY.

The moment I met him at the airport I could feel the very top of my vagina tingling like crazy I quickly rubbed my hands down my body and pushed my pelvis foward while squishing my vagina with my palms, I could feel the quick powerful bolt of pleasure rush through my body. Throughout the car trip home I wondered what he thought of me, whether I had worn enough makeup or I had made my small budding tities seem big enough. the moment we reached the house I had to run to the bathroom as I was literally bursting with pee. I ran into the bathroom and tore my skirt and knickers off sitting my naked bottom on the toilet seat, I peeked between my sweaty thighs at my little smooth pussy as I let the gush of golden pee escape from the small slit of my pee hole, as the last few drops were still dripping out I quickly wipped my knickers back up my legs and went to join the conversation outside.

My cousin seemed especially excited about the large trampoline we had so I asked him if he wanted to jump with me. As I had a skirt on it made it easy to show off my knickers a bit, all I had to do is jump high enough for the wind to get under it and blow it up, the trampoline also gave me a good excuse to "accidentally" rub against his leg every couple of bounces. the bouncing on the trampoline made me accidentaly let a few more drops off urine squeeze out of my pussy, I noticed a slightly wet patch as I touched the bottom of my undies when were walking back inside.� Once back inside I offered to show him the room he would be sleeping in. I had positioned his bed so that I had a perfect view of him while I was laying in bed.

As he was unpacking his gear I decided that my undies had become too wet, both from the wee and a little bit of juice that had leaked out. I decided that I didnt want to leave the room and stop the conversation, so I sat on the bed facing away from him and rolled my skirt up a bit and pulled the knickers off without taking my skirt off, I wouldnt be able to get a fresh pair of knickers without him realising what I had just done so I simply went down to dinner bare. To be honest I enjoyed the feeling of freeness and air around my vagina. As he left the room I quickly put the damp pair of white knickers in the middle of the floor, hoping that he would notice them. it felt weird eating dinner around my family while having my naked vagina exposed to the air, I took advantage of the unusual occasion by slipping my knife onto the seat and gently easing the rounded handle into my small opening. The initial feeling of the cold steel inside the rim of my vagina was amaaazing although I did wonder if anyone thought anything of my occasional gasps.

The first night was slightly awkward as we talked about school and other generic conversational things, both falling asleep quite early. the next morning I woke up quite early as I had got to sleep at an unuassualy early hour, I looked over at my cousin to see him lying on his back and a errect penis holding up the sheets like a tent. I immediately felt the surge of hornyness shoot through my body and the slight dampness in my panties which came with it, I wanted to rub my vagina sooo much but I was afraid of waking him. so I slowly scratched the front of my white knickers, right where the top of my pussy is as it alwwwwaays feels good. I kept an eye on him as I quietly and soundlesly made my fanny feel good. He finally woke up and rolled over to face me pulling his sheets off and revealing the tip of his still hard penis, this is the first penis I had ever seen and I wasnt sure whether to point it out to him or to just keep staring and massaging my nipples and now wet undies. I decided to tell him and made some sort of joke about him being excited to see me, he blushed a deep red and rolled over to put on pants to walk to the shower.

While he was in the shower I searched my room in my undies for the fattest texta I could find, I ended up settling for a huge highlighter and slipped it under the sheets and into my wet hole. after hearing the shower turn off I pushed the texta in as far as it would go and let go of it and let my vagina muscles squeeze it out, I always loved the feeling as it plopped onto the bed. I quickly realised that the texta smelt strongly of vagina so I quickly stuck it in my mouth, sucking and licking most of the flavoured juices off. the next night while we were lying in bed he decided to explain the misshap with his penis slipping out, I told him not to worry but he seemed uncomfortable. after a few minutes silence I asked him if he would feel better about it if I let him see my boobs. I spoooose he replied in a tone that obviosly meant he was keen but unsure if he should show his full eagerness. I told him to come and sit on my bed. as he was makong himself comfortable I slipped my soft t-shirt off exposing my perky nipples and making me completely naked except for the sheet over my lower half and knickers. he was in awe at the size of my tits, they were hardly big but I suppose he hadnt seen many before. after a few seconds of opened mouth staring he asked if he could touch them, I told him sure, and within an instant he was squishing them around pushing them up he also fiddled with my nipples squeezing and lighlty pinching the ends, while he was playing with my tits I began to rub the seam of my panties again, I was almost dripping wet within a few minutes. by now it was obvious that I was doing something under the sheets and he had caught on.

He suggested that we go into the bathroom as no one would be able to hear us and we could make a mess. I liked the sound of this so I led him in there in only my half wet panties. the door was closed and locked and his pants were off before I could even say anything, I pulled my panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet but he asked me to hold it in as he kissed my lips and nipples while playing with the opening of my vagina. he had perfect access to my vagina with me sitting on the toilet, legs half spread, meaning that it was only a few minutes before I felt the tips of his fingers puncture the warm wetness of my vagina and sink into my hole. he started really slowly with the fingering while kissing me gently, but as he got more excited he pushed deeper and deeper and even tried to fit in a second. I could feel the tingling building up and up and my hornyness has me about to explode, I began to let out a trickle of pee but he felt the warm fluid and took his fingers out of my pussy and told me to hold it just a little longer. he hopped into the bath, and asked me to come over, I came over feeling as if I was about to explode with pee. I told him I couldnt hold it any longer so he told me to quickly get on top of him with my bottom up near his face.

I lay over him with my legs spread as wide as the bath would allow and my spread pussy lips almost touching his nose, I could feel his tongue flick over my exposed pink pussy, I felt my pee hole open up and the slow trickle start, I noticed that his hard cock was right in front of my face so I began to lip the tip and suck down the shaft as I felt his mouth close up against my pee hole, I tried to keep peeing at a slow trickle but was distracted by his penis and kept letting quick gushes escape, I felt his finger back in my gasping hole as my vagina contracted around him with the effort of controlling my stream. I let the rest gush out in a rush, the warm fluid spilling out of his mouth and over his chin, he started to thrust into my mouth as I sucked and licked his penis, his fingers once again massaged the inside of my vagina as he stimilated my clit with his tongue, I felt him convulse and a large spurt of warm liquid was shot into my mouth I pulled away to see some of his sperm before swallowing the rest up.

I began to feel the urge to pee building up inside me already, my breathing became heavier and I let myself go as my vagina started contracting and squelching around his fingers his other fingers having a hard time keeping on my clit as I thrusted into his face. after having an amazing orgasm we both cleaned up and began kissing again, I could taste the pee in his mouth. we fell asleep in the same bed, luckily mum didnt come in in the morning.



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