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Christmas Gift

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It was truly a great Christmas.


Until this past Christmas, my parents had always been quite strict with me. For the first time ever, they relaxed a bit and let my boyfriend come over for Christmas dinner and they didn't shoo him away at 8:00 like other nights. We all exchanged gifts after dinner and had fun playing Monopoly until it degenerated into arguments, accusations and anarchy around 11pm and my parents said they were going to bed. They told me not to stay up too late. Wow! That was a first. And they didn't make my boyfriend leave.

So here we were, me and him, 'alone' at home for the first time ever. Both of us were virgins and we had never made out besides little kisses together. I had already broken my hymen from using tampons but I was still a virgin. We settled onto the couch to watch a movie. I was a little nervous and could tell he was too, but more so than me.

After the first ten minutes or so, he said he got me another gift but couldn't give it in front of my parents. I asked what it is and he said wait here and went outside to get it from his car.

I tore off the wrapping and sat there dumfounded. It was a glass dildo with a realistic head and large bumps all along the shaft. It was about as long as my foot.

I told him I wanted to try it out while he was here but he was afraid my parents would come out and see us. So I said go move your car around the corner and come back in.

My bedroom was on the lower level. My parents never come in there after I go to bed so we would be safe. And with his car out of sight, they wouldn't think he was still here. When he came back from moving his car, I took his hand and led him to my room. It was the first time he was in there. I was so excited my legs were shaking and I could see the bulge in his pants.

When I shut the door, I attacked him with a passionate kiss and said thank you over and over for the gift. I let him feel my tits over my sweater for a while then said feel inside, its ok and he reached underneath and put his hand directly on them. I don't wear a bra because my tits are so tiny. His hand felt glorious and I could feel myself getting wet.

Finally, I said I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted to feel the dildo inside me and opened the package. I went into my bathroom and washed it off with soap and warm water. Then on a whim, took off my sweater and bottoms and came back out wearing just my panties and socks. He was speechless when he saw me. I said I'm going to have fun with this dildo, he might as well get comfortable and he sat down on my bed.

I said no, I mean really comfortable and he didn't know what I meant so I said stand up, which he did, then I pulled his shirt up out of his pants and started to unbutton it. He picked up my meaning then and took it off. Then his tee shirt too. I said strip like I did and he sheepishly took off his shoes and pants. I took off my socks and so did he. We both stood there in just our undies. I busted out laughing and so did he.

We went into another passionate kiss, our bodies pressed together because I was hugging him tightly. Then I loosened up my hug and let him make out with my tits some more. I leaned over and made us both fall onto my bed and we laughed again. Without any more fooling around I quickly removed my panties, reached over to my dresser and gave him a jar of Vaseline and told him to do whatever he felt like doing.

I then laid back next to him and started to put the dildo inside me. At first it hurt because the head was so big but I kept pushing a little at a time then backing off. Eventually it started going in deeper and deeper each time. It gave me a heavenly feeling of fullness when it started going it far enough. I was lost in the feelings and was able to get it all the way in and started pumping it in and out with one hand and used my other hand to massage my clit.

I rolled slightly toward him and looked at him and he was busy masturbating watching me and we both locked eyes and watched each others' face while he was stroking and I was plunging it in and out and tickling my clit. I asked him if he liked this and he nodded yes. I asked him to lick my nipples and he repositioned himself onto his knees beside me and started teasing them with his tongue while we both continued to masturbate. He came first, and sprayed his cum on my stomach and that pushed me over the edge and I came right after that.

He fell over onto his back and we were again lying next to each other. I was still pumping the dildo in and out slowly and he was still squeezing his dick. I said that was great and he said it was for him too. I went into the bathroom to wipe off my stomach and when I came back out he was still laying there holding his dick. He came a number of times during the night and I lost count of my own orgasms but it was at least six or seven times.

The dildo was the best Christmas gift I ever received and he said the masturbating was the most fun he ever had on Christmas.

Next morning I came out of my room and my dad said where's Kelly? and I froze. I don't lie very well and they would know if I was lying. So I just froze. I didn't know it but Kelly had sneaked up behind me. They could see him but I didn't know he was there. And after a pause, daddy said I hope you had a good time. I was shocked! They knew! And they didn't try to kill me... or him! I turned in embarrassment to run back into my room and instead crashed into his chest. We almost fell down.

They all had planned to let this happen because they knew I was getting sexual needs and told my boyfriend it was ok and they would rather it be home than in his car or a dirty motel room.

Anyway we still masturbate a lot. Together and alone. And my parents are fully supportive. It was truly a great Christmas.



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