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Christians Do It Too

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Completely true, happened last week


I am a christian and friends with mostly church going christians, the only problem is I'm bi and we all know how the church feels about that. I've always suspected a good friend of mine was into dudes because he made a lot of gay jokes.

So last friday he had a bonfire party at his house. Well, after everyone left we went back in the house and were hanging out. I was babbling and hanging on my friend, who I'll call Brett. I felt kinda tired so I layed down on the couch and he came over and started rubbing my back which felt awesome. Then he stopped and went back to the other couch and said if I wanted more I had to rub his back. I usually am massaging my friends because I'm a licensed massage therapist.

It started off normal but after a few minutes he took off his shirt and after that (I don't remember why) I took off his pants and worked on his calves and thighs. I said something about his butt and he kept saying 'do whatever you have to do'. the whole time I was laughing and I pulled down his briefs halfway down his ass and was massaging his lower back and the top of his ass cheeks. Now this is a guy that no one ever sees this naked and here he is letting me get him near naked. I started joking that I was going to get him naked and again he told me to do whatever I had to so I went ahead and took his briefs off and straddled him massaging him down again.

I was laughing and making fun of his hairy ass but I was getting tired so I went back and laid on the couch. Brett got up and I noticed his raging hardon he covered with a blanket next to him and was crouching on the floor next to me. Next thing I know he's playing with my dick through my shorts and talking dirty about jerking me off and stuff. I kept playing the straight guy and was moving his hand off but he kept going back to it, then I got up and he got dressed and went to his room and was messing with his phone. I followed him and was hanging on his back and he started playing with my crotch again saying it's okay he just wants to feel it so I stopped moving his hand away and he put it in my pants and started rubbing my cock. I started getting hard and he noticed and kept saying he wanted to see it to compare. Pre-cum was leaking and he noticed 'ooh got some pre here' and kept rubbing it, noticing also I'm circumcised.

'I've got something up here that needs taking care of' he said so I went from rubbing his HUGE bulge through his shorts and went for it. We stood there jerking each other off till we blew our loads into each other hands, never once having taken our dicks out. The next day was really awkward and I could tell he was afraid I was going to say something to our friends but I haven't.

The next time I go over though it's not going to be so handsy, I plan on making this dude my boyfriend!



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