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I still think about this day when I jerk off


I was painfully shy and withdrawn at the age of 13. Although I noticed that some of the girls in my class were already starting to show signs of development like budding breasts, I never imagined that any girl would find me interesting. I had taught myself to masturbate and it was my greatest joy in life, but I was very ashamed and guilty about it.

That summer we spent at our beach house. A family had rented the one across the street. They had a girl about my age, 'Chrissie'. They gave a barbecue and invited the neighbors. Chrissie was a most outgoing girl and easily started conversations with all the kids there. She was my height (tall for her age) but not as skinny as I. She was also developing breasts by then, which were more visible as she was wearing a t-shirt. Eventually she came over to me and tried to start a conversation about where I lived and what school I went to. I was so socially awkward that it did not go to far and I thought I had made a great fool of myself again. But the next day she saw me outside and came over and asked if I could help her get the engine started on her boat, docked at a nearby marina. I had no problem with that as we kept a boat at the same marina. She was so easy to talk to that she overcame much of my shyness and for several days we hung around together.

On the early morning of the fourth day we had arranged to go out in her boat to take pictures as the sun come up. (She learned that photography was a big interest of mine) It was a beautiful day. We were both in bathing suits and she was leaning back looking very relaxed. I noticed she had a few very long strands of blonde hair showing from her bathing suit crotch area. I was getting very hard under my bathing suit and I knew it was showing so I turned away with my heart beating and my palms sweating hoping she wouldn't see and be very embarrassed. Then she just asked me, 'Do you do that thing that boys do?' I knew exactly what she meant and broke into a sweat all over. I didn't know what to say. I asked what she meant but she already had her answer by seeing how strongly I reacted. She said, 'my brothers call it jerking off. I know for sure they both do it.'

I was quiet for a long time and then I managed to mutter, 'some times'. My bathing suit was pretty thin and loose and I looked down and could see my dick was sticking out so far and pulsing. You would have had to be blind not to see it. Then she said, 'Do you know that girls can jerk off too?' I told her truthfully that I did not know that. I started to wonder how that could be. Then she said, 'Do you want to know'? I sure did. The boat was anchored and she cleared some things from an enclosed area under the bow. We both crawled in. There were life preserver cushions in there and we crouched on them about three feet apart. She closed the wooden trap and it was very dark, with just enough light to see shadows.

She pulled out of her bathing suit as I pulled mine off. I could see her only in shadows, but was trembling mightily. She would have been able to see the silhouette of my dick but not detail. She did nothing but sit there for a while with a hand on her crotch gently and slowly rubbing it. I was already ready to come. We didn't say anything. I started to make noises uncontrollably and after maybe just two minutes I exploded in a different way from when I masturbate alone. This was more like from inside of me and not from the friction, and it was the most juice I ever shot till then. Just as it started to shoot she crawled forward to look at it come out. She had her face close to it and was fascinated. Some of it hit her hair and right away my orgasm started all over again for the second time with not a moment between the two. I never had a multiple orgasm again in my life.

I collapsed in a heap and thought I would lie there forever in my bliss. But my pleasure wasn't over. I had forgotten about her talking about girls jerking off, and thought she just told me that. But then she opened the trap letting all the daylight in, and reclined against the bulkhead wall with her knees bent and her legs somewhat apart. She closed her eyes and started fingering herself with one hand and rubbing her belly and breasts with the other. She spread her knees wide enough to give me a good view of what was happening, and now I realized how girls could 'jerk off'. I could see her pleasure at what she was doing and when she started to pant and sweat I knew she was feeling something like I had been feeling. I was already hard again but too wasted to do any more right then. Though when I got back home I spent all the rest of that afternoon jerking off thinking about it. I am sure I came at least six times that day. Chrissie's family was only there in their rental cottage for a week and we never had a chance to do anything else. I hoped she would be back the following summer, but I never saw her again.



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