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Choirboys Together

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"Alan" and I were in the same Church choir and, as might be expected for two lads just into their teens, everything was sexual. From the robes we had to wear in Church to the carvings of the angels on the gravestones. Now I knew "Alan" had done something with a boy who had left the choir and for months I was aching to ask him about it. One day, in the mid summer, we were robing up and as usual, we were first in. (I used to set the organ up and he would put the music out before rehearsals) It was so hot that I dared us both to go naked under our cassocks. He seemed to like this idea and very quickly, but with our backs to each other, we stripped and got into our cassocks and surplices. It felt so naughty being naked and I had stolen a few looks at Alan.

He had a great ass and I even got a sight of his balls too. As we stood there, we both got a hard on. Alan said, "We can't go into church like this." and I agreed. Then, without a word we were embracing and snogging. I reached between the buttons of his cassock and got his cock in my hand. He kissed me as I jacked him off. To this day, I do not know why, but when he said he was going to cum it seemed the most natural thing in the world to put my leg over his cock not only to avoid the mess but also because I wanted to. When Alan came, he spurted on my thigh. That was the beginning of a glorious year of sexual experimentation together. Our favourite was when he took on a female role. We used to pretend at "fucking" but it usually ended with us cumming on each other. Of course, eventually we "went the whole way" if you know what I mean.

Now all that was a long time ago and although I know I have bi tendencies, I am mainly heterosexual. Allan however, eventually had a gender re-assignment operation. When I found out about this, I felt like someone had died! He was a beautiful, sexy, horny boy and I mourned the fact that his beautiful penis was no more. Although we moved apart the following year, I still feel that given more time, Allan and I might have had a future together, or perhaps it was just one of those adolescent things. All I know is that if I try hard, I can still feel how his cock felt in my hand and my mouth to this day.

Now, there are girls in the choir these days and I am the organist of the church. I sometimes wonder if any of the boys or girls are as adventurous as we were and if any of them have tired wearing their cassocks and nothing else underneath. I suspect that one of the girls strips to her bra and panties, but I am not sure. It would be nice to think that the younger generation have discovered the delights of that vestry and how horny it is to be almost naked with another chorister.



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