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Chillin by Jillin

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This is a follow up on the story linked below. This story is about how I as a 16 year old girl had a treasure trove of adult toys with which to ease the tensions.


This is another follow up to a story that referenced my parents adult toy closet. My parents had a closet built in their bedroom when I was thirteen. While being baby sat by a nineteen year old sitter, I discovered what they hid in this locked closet, how to get into it, and what lay within.

This story takes place when I was 16. I am kind of cute and guys were always asking me out, but when they found I would not put out, they move on. This really used to have me in the dumps. I can see now why many girls succumb to that pressure. It was almost a competition by both guys and girls who could get laid first. You can really be sucked into the idea as a girl, that love and sex are the same, and if you have sex you will feel loved. I watched my three best friends lose it to some slinger, only later to find they were real jerks, or to be dumped. One became real loose and ended up becoming a druggy; one went all lezzy saying all guys are pigs. (Not true, but if the only guys you know are slingers...) The third is still a good friend; she still regrets having lost it to such a jerk!

In any case I was no less horny than any of my friends. We talked about guys and sex all the time but never about masturbation. I brought jilling up occasionally trying to get some assurance that I had not went off the deep end with my jilling. I rarely got any affirmation. I had no idea how much others were doing it, or if they were getting as much relief as I regularly (at least daily) was. I tried to talk to my friends about the getting rid of the horny haze by themselves, as apposed to with some mid pubescent sleaze ball. The discussions always went back to sex.

So with my friends extolling the uniqueness of having a boy's penis in them, I too was more than getting curious. I had been masturbating with a marker and my electric toothbrush. I knew it could not be close to the same. The computers in the school and mine at home were filtered. My parents had one in there room that was open. Any time they were both out I would go in there and research what I was missing out on and delete the history. As time wore on, my marker and toothbrush kind lost their allure. I had known what lay in my parents locked closet. I even knew how to get in since I was 13.

I do not know if it as the 'using their sex stuff' that stopped me, or if that I just was by and large 'a good girl'. But something snapped when doing my research I came across a video of a girl shoving a dildo into her pussy, It reminded me of the scene I had witnessed three years earlier spying on my sitter as she used a dildo and a massage wand to get off in our guest room.

I had to have something like a penis. Also, my one stolen climax with the wand back then, had me yearning for something more! My parents were going to visit my grandparents. I had to stay home for play practice. I was only for one weekend but I was soaked all week just thinking about it. I had to wear a pad all week. In scenes that my character was not on stage I would go to the band room to jill off. Most of the kids hung out back stage playing cards. They would not want to be seen as actually doing home work or caring about school, that would not have been cool. Being a little geeky was a perfect cover. I could look out at base ball practice, as I jilled off under my skirt. I must have cum twenty times that week before the weekend even arrived. Friday night I came home to an empty house. I immediately went to my parents' room, pulled the pins on the closet door and took stock of what they had. I was in luck because the dildo/vibrator collection had expanded rather significantly over the last three years. There were dildos made of glass, rubber, even two of chrome steel. Some were sooth, some textured, some vibrated. One of the steel ones must have weighed five pounds. Yikes! There was a four piece collection that was still in a box called anal expanders. I was tempted to try these out in my pussy. The smaller ones looked closer to the size of my marker. I was scared I might not get them back just right and my parents would know. For this weekend I had to be very specific that things went back where I found them. The new camera I had on my cell phone came in handy.

I finally settled on a flesh colored rubbery one that felt kind of squishy. It was not nearly as big as the guys in videos I had watched, or as the big one my mom still had, that I had seen the sitter using, but the one I picked looked as much like the real thing as was in the closet. I figured that I could use it without hurting myself.

I took it and the wand and went to my room. I stripped and put on some sexy music and started to try to put it in. It was too big. As wet as I was, the coldness of the rubber made me tense up. I thought, if I used the wand, maybe that would loosen things up. I took the wand for the first time in three years. I turned it on low and tried it all over my nude body. As badly as I wanted it on my clit I could not take it there. So I grabbed a towel and put it over my cunny and went to work. This was WAAAAY better than my toothbrush. I came in less than 30 seconds and stayed at it until another wave hit me less than 30 seconds later. I fell asleep nude, on top of the sheets, fully content. I knew nothing a boy could do could top that at least from and orgasmic point of view, and I could wait for the emotional connection.

I woke hungry and horny around 10pm. I made a Pizza in the nude and went out and ate it nude on our darkened front porch. Cars were going by. The bushes and hand railing obscured the view from the street. I tried to rub one out on the porch. However, every time I got close, a car drove by or something to scare and distract me. I got to thinking there while strumming my bean, that the plan was to feel what all my friends were feeling. So I went in and went to my parents' room looking for an alternative. While there I opened a drawer and found all kinds of lotions and lubes. One was a desensitizing lube for anal, which I almost chose. But finally settled on a warming massage oil. It said to heat it, by sitting it in a sink with hot water. A light went on. I could warm the rubber penis as well. I ran to the bathroom and in five minutes I was back in my room with both hot wrapped in a towel.

I probably did not need the lube; girl goo was dripping down my leg. The warm oil did feel amazing though! I grabbed the rubber penis and slid it up and down my slit. Than I got the idea to put the wand on the dildo which was still more awesome. Is I got closer I forced myself to try again to insert the dildo. This time it melted into me, it was definitely different than my marker. It took almost ten minutes before I had most of it in me. I very slowly worked it in and out. I could not imagine how anyone could take the pounding I overheard my dad giving my mom or that I watched in videos. This was different but nothing I could not live without. I grabbed the wand and tried it on the dildo in me. This was better, but I did not see this and making me climax. After a while I must have started to get used to it because I found myself really working the dildo and I was able to put the vibe right on my clit. Just then my Fuck fantasy song came on. I slipped from reality and exploded into climax. My legs snapped straight then arched me off the bed. It was as if only my head and toes were touching the bed. It seemed to last forever. I turned off the vibe and drifted off to sleep, with the dildo still in me. I woke the next morning with the dildo beside me, and almost was late for play practice. I left every thing out rushing to school. It terrified and excited me thinking of different scenarios were the neighbors might check in on me. What if they found the stuff? The guy is a real hunk. I sit for them sometimes. They did not stop by (as far as I know), but it was fuel for two more climaxes at school that day. Over the next day I tried lots of stuff in the closet. I spent at least 20 hours masturbating that weekend. My friend invited me over Saturday, but instead of telling her what I had planned, I just said I was not allowed that weekend. From that weekend on, I raided the closet every chance I got.

I have since found a hunk of my own. He may, in time, be the one. We do masturbate together, solo and each other, but that is it for now. He seems Ok with that. We took a celibacy vow, and have fooled ourselves, our parents, and friends, into believing we are keeping it. He bought me my first real toy of my own. A battery powered wand. It is a little less intense than the plug in one, which is perfect for me. It is quiet and I can use it in the dorm and only my roommate knows.



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