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Childhood Friend

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A lovely hot summer day was displayed through my window. I sat on my bed with my shirt off drowning in my own sweat, playing a video game with my childhood friend, J. He too was shirtless, consumed in sweat. The AC was out.

Our parents were in the backyard talking. My dad came into the bedroom telling me that they were going out for dinner, to order a pizza and not to set the house on fire. Easy enough.

Me and J watched them leave, and we raced inside the house and celebrated our solitude. We ran to my bedroom he jumped on me and crashed on my bed. We wrestled, slipping on each others sweat.

He pinned me. I was never the wrestling type. His pin came too close to home though. With him sitting on my stomach, and his two hands clutching my wrists, I was too tired to throw him off me. He then moved his head closer to mine. I felt him breathing hard, and apparently something else was getting hard through his gym shorts.

I was getting hard as well.

His mouth met mine and we embraced.

'Do you want to.' he began.

'Yes.' I finished.

Yes seemed like an appropriate answer. I had this urge. It was in control. The it in J was in control too.

I took my gym shorts off and my 5 inch erect penis was ready to be wanked. He stood up and took off his shorts and his was slightly bigger than mine. I thought we were going to lay down and do the deed, but sat right back my stomach, and I felt his smooth butt on my sweaty body. We beginning wanking.

I remember being the hardest I've ever been, and it seemed to be the same for him. He gave me a boyish smirk and started to moan. His moan gave me this ecstasy, and I started to moan, started to explode. He cummed on my chest and I came on his back.

We looked at each for a moment. Not sure what to do. He then looked like he was going to cry, and he rushed to put his clothes on and walk home.

'J' I started 'I, uh, don't cry.'

'I'm not a fag, I am not a fag.' he repeated this over and over.

He had his clothes on and he was ready to bolt out the door.

'Wait!' I said, still naked. He was crying hysterically. 'It's okay. I won't tell anyone. I mean, what we did, I, I liked it.'

He looked at me and hugged me. 'It's okay, really.' I said, calming him down.

I took him back in the room. 'It's our secret.' The phone rang. 'Stay here.' I picked it up and it was father, informing me they are all going to the casino and will be back by morning and to lock up and have a good night.

'You are spending the night I guess,' I said grinning. He stopped crying, and now was looking down on the ground.

'Sorry about that, it's just these feelings,' he said. 'I don't know. I am like attracted to people'

'Guys?' I interrupted.

He gave an angry sigh, 'Yes, I am a freak.'

'I guess I am too.' We laughed. He gave me a hug. 'let's take a nap and just talk it over later.' he said

We jumped in my bed, I suggested I should probably put my clothes on now, but he protested.

'You are beautiful.' he said smiling. He took his shirt off, and his shorts. Crawled into my bed. Hugged me. We feel asleep in each others arms.



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