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Cheryl's Sweet Lips

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One summer afternoon, I rode my bike to my sister's Cheryl's house. Her son and daughter were off with their dad for the weekend, and she was cleaning the house in booty shorts and an old Pink floyd t-shirt. Being 15 at the time I was attracted to her sexually, but she was my sister. Cheryl had beautiful c cup tits , and a round ass. She was about 5'5',120lbs, and she had long dark brown hair. I came in and said hello, and she turned around and smiled and said hello. I told her i had to use the bathroom, and I went to go and pee. Well the sexual urges kicked in and I got hard, but I said nah, not here. I walked back out and she was bent over in the kitchen floor cleaning it. I still think my heart skipped a beat to this day when i think about that moment.Her labia were hanging to the right of the crotch of her short shorts. I saw it and I immediately got hard. I sat on the couch and and started rubbing on myself through my pants.A few minutes later she asked me to help her in the kicthen.
I went in there and she was still bent over her beautiful pussy lips were sticking out, and I was about to cum in my pants. She asked me to help her clean and eventually she got to where here exposed pussy was right in front of my face. I could smell her and taste her in my mouth. I excused myself abruptly and went to the bathroom. I pulled my dick out and went at it so i could get under control. About that time Cheryl walks into the bathroom.
She said, 'I knew that seeing my lips would get you in here. She went in to telling me about how she had wanted to do something with since i was about 13. She then asked can I touch it. My answer was obviously yes, and she stroked all eight inches fast and hard. She would stop and spit in her hand and rub clockwise and counterclockwise on the head of my dick. Then unexpectedly she would run her wet hand all the way to the base. It felt just like a wet pussy. Before long she had taken her clothes off, and I had as well. She got in a 69 position with me on the bathroom floor. She was still stroking my dick, but there it was those beautiful lips in my face. She looked down at me and smiled. She then arched her back and reached back and pulled her pussy lips wide open, and commanded me to lick her hard and deep. Once I got started she was grinding on my face, and she squirted thick white cum all over my face and on my neck. Cheryl then turned around and got a handful of her cum from neck and rubbed it all over my now very hard dick. She started rubbing me fast and hard again, telling me to come. She said,'I am so hungry I want to eat your cum so very bad.' She then started giving me a blowjob. A sloppy ,wet bj. Her spit was running off of my balls ,and she would make loud slurping noises. I started to cum shortly after the beginning of the bj. She took my dick out of her mouth so I could see my cum landing on her wet cum covered tongue. After we were done I cleaned up and she told me to go home and jack off without cumming until she got there. I did it and had myself all built up for her to come and get me. She told me before I left that she wanted to put my dick in her pussy, and I told her that i wanted to feel those big wet juicy lips suck on my dick while I made love to her. That is another story for later.



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